At which point does a comment go from okay to on the line to offensive…. 

Does having two different opinions change the point in which we measure the okay to on the line to offensive frame… 

Is it different for everyone? 

Perhaps blogging while I am literally fuming isn’t the best thing to do but after all who would listen to me vent with out having their own judgement…. 

& If that’s the case…

Exactly why is it okay to have an opinion on certain matters but it is not socially acceptable to have them on others… 

It’s time we all get on the same page. Especially with your loved one and or your significant other. Otherwise you’ll be stuck fighting a battle that was approved by simply waiting too long to  bring to light. The lack of opinion then can effect you now like never before…. Don’t conceal your thoughts and emotions because you don’t feel they may share the same ones…. Spit it out while you can. 

Time to focus, 

Recently I have had my hands full; actually over flowing. 

It seems like I have just enough time to  lay back, breath and get ready for sleep! 

The day doesn’t have enough time and I just don’t have enough energy to keep up with what needs to be done. 

I need to be kicked in the ass realistically…

I need a vacation away from travelling…

I need to be home! Something like a stay-cation. 

Rome with Dad 

 60 Years in the making and I could finally treat him to the Rome I know.

Here is a taste of my life Daddy. This is one of my favourite cities. 

I hope you enjoyed as much as I did. 


It sure has been a while…

I must say, not as much as expected has changed. 

The family is still in shambles trying to get it together to no avail. I have found a better place for myself as the weather is changing. Dad turned the big 60 earlier this month. Unlike the average person , he didn’t feel any different ! He will always be young at heart. I admire that. He stepped off of North American soil for the very first time this month! We flew to Rome, Italy for his birthday. We spent an amazing week with amazing apartment hosts and amazing food. 

Perhaps I’ve spoiled myself travelling as I do it for a living but I couldn’t help but notice my dad was the typical once in a life time traveler. The whole week it was as if he had turned a new leaf, from the moment we touched down in Italy to the very last second of our taxi in Toronto every problem had disappeared. In the aftermath, every single issue reemerged larger and more powerful then they had ever been. 

The youngest of our dogs, kindly gifted to my younger-not-so-responsible-teenaged-brother has had issues with his back legs for the longest time. He has had surgery on his left leg in the past however the vet does not think it is worth trying to fix the other one as the left one never healed as it was supposed to.  This issue has been tormenting my father as he doesn’t know what to do! The vet strongly suggests leaving the dog grow as he has always had this problem and he doesn’t know the difference. He has never had normal, painless legs, the surgery and recovery is possibly worse than the pain he has right now. The problem: the younger-not-so-responsible-teenage-brother… The vet suggested having the dog live in a more relaxed environment with less steps and no other pets. We have a large staircase and two other dogs who love playing with little Grizzly. Noah however, can not imagine not being able to visit, yes folks I said visit.The reason I say visit is because Noah doesn’t actually live with my dad, he doesn’t actually live in the same province. My dad is the only care giver for Grizzly and it has become more and more difficult as summer has approached. 

Dad not only has that on his plate but the task of moving out of his 7 1/2 apartment to something much smaller and less tasteful. He has had the hardest time parting with his lifetime of collectibles. I think a garage sale would be perfect however I wouldn’t be there to help therefor I’m not sure if I should suggest it. I feel like I would need to monitor what my father decides to put up for sale as I want to protect him from spontaneously selling his most important memorable item.

We are a sentimental family indeed. The smallest trinkets have value to us. 

I found a new apartment for him in a beautiful location but I don’t think he is too happy. He keeps on playing with the idea of offering the landlord to increase his rent just so he can stay where he is. 

Now, mom on the other hand…. I don’t even know where to start. She is supposed to be moving to Toronto. Things are changing for the better very slowly. I suppose I can post in more detail later. 

Tax time with a cold.

Not that either of those things apply to each other but I didn’t have any other title. I am very grumpy today. I got my wallet stolen in Paris on my way to the airport. More details to come! My parking company for work only takes credit card so who knows how tonight will unfold. I am doing my first Vegas red-eye in 8 months and I can’t breath or swallow. I can’t book off because I have numerous days off coming up and if I call when I am not sick they might switch my schedule for the upcoming month so I will deal with the painful swallowing!


When I was a child, all my friends visited paris annually and went to Disney World every other year. My friends would come back with trinkets that would last them a lifetime and tones of stories!

Well folks, today marks my first day in Paris. Also, my first trip “on my own” that is, off company time and not being directed by mom and dad!

The journey was a tad difficult as our apartment is right by the Eiffel Tower and to be honest lugging around huge suit cases on and off of the metro was something else.

We took a RER train to Saint-Michel de Notre Dame and connected to line C. We found ourselves a few blocks away but still managed to drag our bags across the cobble stone roads! Turns out we have a metro right beside our apartment but who would have know!

Google map instructed us to walk 43 minutes to our Paris Pass pick up but miserably failed us when we arrived 3 hours later! It started to pour rain, our shoes were soaking wet and the wind managed to sprinkle our back sides. We hopped in to a Taxi and the fellow tried to rip us off! I may look like a tourist but let me remind you I spent my summer in Barcelona… Capital of con-artist and pick pockets! The fare has been 5.55€ and a tag on the windshield explained minimum fare was 6.85€… Sure. Now explain to me how the meter jumped to 10.00€. Thanks but no thanks.

We picked up our passes with our ever so grumpy faces. Hopped on to the metro and followed line 9 “home”. On our way home we decided to stop and look for a bite to eat. (Here’s a pro tip: If you find accommodations near the Eiffel Tower expect to travel to eat regular priced food or order in. The nearest restaurant charged a wopping 70€ for a plate. Plate guys! A plate, common not even a meal…. That converts to ~105.00$.

So guess what we ate for dinner!

After countless attempts at calling for Pizza we had some of our French family members call from their landline! It took forever! I didn’t realize you had to replace +33 by 0 before dialling. Who would have know.

I am jumping back and forth I know, I forgot my empty journal back home. I would have loved to journal my trip so this is the closest I will get for now!

After we landed at CDG, we looked for the RER only to follow signs for 25 minutes in the airport! My feet where cramping in my heels and it truly was an adventure getting in and out of all the transportation with heels, a carry on and a purse! Never again. I think I want to back pack from now on!

Pizza was strange… I’ve eaten pizza pretty much everywhere in Europe but I’ve never had deliver pizza from a chain. Apparently Pizza Hut FR doesn’t compare. The big box deal we have back home is double the size and to be honest the pizza wasn’t “good” either. Of course after eating close to 15 hours prior I scoffed it down but I am looking forward to a Parisian meal. A REAL Parisian meal.

The Eiffel Tower is not as big as the CN Tower… I didn’t ever considering comparing them until now. I was a little shocked at the fact that I didn’t have to tilt my head all the way back! Tomorrow we will venture a little closer and perhaps integrate ourselves a little more.

For those of you wondering, I am travelling with my nanny. I am super excited to rekindle the relationship we shared when I was younger!

Lastly… Maybe.
We had amazing chocolates. Sandra and Vergenie greeted us with chocolates from Frances best chocolatier! My oh my… My mouth couldn’t help but keep watering! So delicious! I wish I could share!

Currently jet lagged… It is 3 am local time however I cannot sleep! Back home it’s no later than 8-9? Who knows! Looking forward to a chocolate croissant and a cappuccino.

Nanny snores apparently lol.
I don’t know if I’ll fall back asleep! I am such a light sleeper!

Good night folks my hands are officially numb from holding my phone above me while laying down.





Obama Care: Stop emailing me.

1. If it’s Spam…. Go fly a kite.
2. If it’s not Spam you would think the US government would have a more efficient means of communication… Perhaps a door to door service or postal service.
3. 2 Emails in 2 days…. Cmon, I am not even American.
4. I do spend a lot of time in the USA but not enough to be mistaken as a citizen.
5. I’m just looking for more reason to complain… Hold on
6. Nope, nothing else!

Any one else receiving these amazing emails?

Folks… Day 3: Lunch

Yes, I have made it to day three however I have customized each on of the dinners. I have obviously kept it in moderation and kept nutrition in mind. I must admit, as much as I didn’t follow the diet exactly I feel cleaner and I feel like I am actually going somewhere with this! Because I am customizing it I am not actually dieting I am just insuring to eat healthy which is and was my main priority I am proud! I am going to keep this up on 3 day cycles and keep you guys posted.

Before this three day journey I never ate breakfast or lunch. I only had dinner with a bunch of non healthy snacks. I would have cookies for breakfast because I was lazy to go out toast in the toaster or make dishes. I know I am not the only one who struggles with this issue therefor I feel the need to be honest and say I think I am headed in the right direction!

Tyler and I are road tripping tonight to go visit my mother, I am going to pack a dinner I can eat in the car and I will try my best not to eat junk food.

I think the biggest part to a weight loss process is organization. Everything connects with something else. If my kitchen is clean and the dishes are done, I don’t feel as lazy to use a plate make a healthy choice and clean it right away! If a lunch is ready to go then I don’t need to purchase food out!

My biggest issue is comfort food, I love hot food and the way it makes me feel! I feel at home when I eat hot food and it helps me sleep better. Now, I know that my last sentence is the worst when it comes to getting fit but seriously! Over the past few months I have realized, the plane is cold, I want hot food more than ever. Little snacks like cucumbers and crackers seriously do not make me feel full!
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! If you guys have similar struggles as me please feel free to send me a message! We are on this adventure together! We can do this!

Day 1: Lunch


Day1: Lunch

1 Piece of toasted bread

1/2 Cup of Tuna ( I used canned)

A pinch of Salt and Pepper for flavor

1 Glass of water

How do I feel:

Surprisingly content. It is out of habit to eat more and larger portions but my stomach isn’t hungry nor is it full. I feel like a few more bites would do the trick. I still plan on going to the gym later so I am trying my best to finish my glass of water but my taste buds are simply bored.

Talk to you guys later. I can not wait for dinner as it calls for ice cream & an apple for dessert.

Day 1: Breakfast

Day 1: Breakfast

When: 1 PM ( Late, I know…)


1 Piece of toasted bread

1 tbsp of Peanut Butter

Half a Banana

A sprinkle of Chai seeds

Drink: 1 Glass of water

How do I feel:

Hungry but energized. I feel like the water helps a lot however my mouth still wants real food! I am craving salty foods such as Nacho chips and cheese. I will be having my “Day 1: Lunch” in just a little bit and “Day 1: Dinner” at around 7 PM.

If you have any question feel free to send them my way!

The 3 Day Journey

As many of you know, I am a flight attendant and unfortunately as much as the job has its benefits it has its down falls. One of which is keeping track of your health. Travelling the world and living on different time zones can really take a toll on your body especially when your eating and sleeping habits are compromised. Over the past six months I have watched my body go from naturally fit to perhaps the most unhealthiest state Iv’e been. Enough is enough! I have tried Insanity, a crazy work out video you can do in the comfort of your own home. T25, the more compact version of that at home work out routine and finally gave in and bought myself a gym membership. Why? The at home thing just wasn’t working for me. I need people, competition and even a little bit of discomfort to truly push myself!

Folks, Iv’e been pushing myself daily to just GO to the gym because once I am there I will work out no issues. However, I haven’t seen any positive results! Perhaps I am not meant to lose the weight? I am so confused! I wish I had someone who could explain to me more about health and nutrition! I have lost close to 6 lbs. Yay! Right? In exchange I have been blessed with these awful purple stretch marks on my inner thighs and my upper hips! What to do what to do! I figure on factor may be the food that I am eating therefor I have jump started my journey to a healthier diet by doing a 3 day diet.

A 21 day fix, 90 day challenge and every other type of long diet seems a tad intimidating to me. My biggest problem is portion control. I have cut out sodas but I haven’t mastered chips or sweets. I can’t not have an entire bag! I find it so easy to down all my junk food and unfortunately I’m the culprit! I buy these things in small amounts, I go away for a week and return home to the same snacks and I buy more. On a blue day I tend to devour the entire pantry. So the easiest for me at the moment would be something short, sweet and not too painful.

I have decided to try a 3 day diet which consist of a chemical breakdown that helps kick your metabolisms into shape (so to speak) Many patients under going heart surgery are put on similar diets to help shed some water weight. Some call this the AHA 3 Day Diet or even Cleveland Diet. I have altered it to preference will keeping portions under control. I will post all my progress and how I spice up the prepared meals.

Stay tuned as I try my best to kick start my SUCCESSFUL weight lose challenge. I will be working out regularly during my 3 day Fix and my off days as well! I hope this is something that will perhaps help you guys.

Cuz’ she a lonely girl, in a lonely world…

Going threw another one of my phases. I wish I didn’t know myself so well to say that this is the beginning of a sad time for myself. Not depressed. No. More or less alone. Lost and looking for answers. What separates this feeling from being depressed and well, whatever you want to call this is simply the fact that I have not lost all motivation. I want to succeed and move forward in life and I won’t give up that’s for sure.

On another note, why is it so difficult to make people happy. I know for myself, being happy has a lot to do with making others happy. That’s a reflection of the parenting I received. Not everyone shares those thoughts.

Today I spent the day in LAX. Pretty cool if you ask me. I took a cab from my hotel to Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach! I wish I had Tyler there with me. I used an app called UBER to find me a legit cab on wifi as I obviously don’t want to use my phone in the US. I splurged at Victoria Secrets when I found the swim suit I’ve been eyeing just sitting alone in a corner. I HAD to. Plus if it makes a difference I wasn’t in the best of moods so my impulsive shopping became more an issue. Spending money I don’t necessarily want to spend. Now that’s a problem!

LA caught me by surprise actually. My entire life I grew up thinking to myself ” Wow. LA! You have to be so fancy to live there” but in all seriousness, LAX has to be the most disappointing airport there is! The terminal we get off at is absolutely rubbish! The traffic and shuttle services is worse than the smell of Oscars s**t. Almost all hotels are infested with bed bugs and everything is so over priced.

Here’s the thing, even thought those things sucked I couldn’t help and enjoy some of the city’s spectacular hot spots!

Weekend getaway here I come!!!

Remember that time when…

After five years you start to forget the little details! Well, not really forget I suppose they just get pushed back to an unfamiliar place. The past few weeks have been a tad difficult on the both of us as I have not lived up to being the perfect women.

I know! There is no such thing as perfect but seriously… Some mistakes can not be undone.

Now, back to my original train of thought…

Remember that time when I wrote you 50 blue post-it’s with reasons why I love you.

I know it sounds like a random thought but I couldn’t help but think about it in the middle of my little outbreak via FaceTime from Calgary.

I just need you to know I love you.
I need you to know that every single one of those post-it’s still resonate in my mind and my heart!
I need you to be ready for the ups and the downs as mentioned, no one is perfect.
I need you to be nothing more but YOU!

Let’s be real, you are the one I love unconditionally!

PS: I may not always be as “cute” and affectionate as I used to be but sweetheart I promise my love for you grows exponentially with every breath I take!


Home sweet home.

It’s been ages since I’ve felt at home anywhere. Ever since I moved out I couldn’t help but associate freedom with home and obviously living at your parents is not exactly that. I’d land in Montreal and take a deep breath because the smell of my city was comforting however all my belongs, everything that made me who I am was installed all nicely in Toronto. In the same breath home is usually where you have family however everyone I know lives away. My mom and siblings live in Ottawa and well dad’s back in Montreal.

After a four day pairing… I am happy to say I can’t wait to be home! Yes, home in Toronto. In my bed with my Oscar and Tyler watching an entire season of Grey’s Anatomy. Of course I’d love to add chips and chocolate to that combo but let’s face it! I’ve been living off of junk for the past week! I barely fit in my pants thanks to my bloating. No wonder why I’ve grown stretch marks!

My, my I just realized I used the proper terminology. Goooo me! I used “combo” instead of “trio” apparently it’s a French thing to call a set of things a trio. Every time I order fast food and it’s a combo I always say trio and the person at the window looks at me like I’m a deplaning a UFO.



That so called not a test…. Test.

So unfortunately, due to many reasons… I can’t indulge deep into this blog as most of the details I can not share at the moment but hopefully I will be able to shortly. That’s if all goes as planned.

I am currently doing a four day pairing which means I am working away from my base for four days. First stop Pheonix, Arizona. Followed by L.A and Calgary. I wasn’t too excited about this months schedule as I didn’t received anything I wanted but everything happens for a reason! It just so happens I have a great crew!

Here’s something you may not know about flight attendants! We are usually so many working for the same company that the chances of working with the same employee more than once is very slim! For the most part you meet a brand new crew each flight. This time around I was blessed to work this long shift with 2 girls I have already flown with and another girl who is absolutely the sweetest!

Still looking forward to that cruise!!! Cmon! I wish I could fast forward to next month. Get some time off, enjoy the sun, the ocean you name it! Of course tan away my stretch marks… I hope. I am looking forward to spending time with my nanny. It will be our first get away of the sort and perhaps the first time hanging out for that long! Growing up we used to visit every week multiples times but as we aged and our parents grew more and more apart so did our grandparents.

Anyway, looks like I am coming down with a cold which you guys may know kills your ears and sinus area when your flying. The pressure is absolutely the worst! I have been using sudafed which works well but online the reviews are scary. I hope the cold goes away quickly so I can stop using sudafed. It’s very hard however to take good care of your self when your travelling daily and not sleeping in your own bed!

Off to the gym! Hopefully this hotel has a good one 🙂

That machine is killer!

I have a love/hate relationship with my gym membership! As long as I get to the gym itself I’m in it to win but today I used a machine that literally mad me angry. I know, I know… We all start somewhere but at this point I’ve looked like an idiot for two months trying this robotic nonsense and I’m this close to never doing it again.

Side note…
What the hell is up with those guys with huge chests and no legs? Did you perhaps skip leg day one too many times or maybe your aiming to look like Popeye!

Sailing away with that thought, (haha how witty is that) I hate protein shakes…. Yes, I’m full of negative today but in all seriousness I’ve had a relatively good day.

Anyway back to my late work out 🙂

To cruise or not to cruise…

As you all know, I travel to make a living but don’t ever really have the time to actually “vacation”. This month however I have 11 consecutive days off! I’d love to go on vacation with my boyfriend but unfortunately his vacation has already passed. I suppose I can figure something out. I know my grandmother would love to join me, I hope it’s not too late for her to create her schedule!

I just recently flew with my friend Adam who explained to me how to best make use of my flight benefits, I am anxious to give them a go!

I found a ridiculously great deal for cruises but I am puzzled as to were I should go. The Miami port is most accessible at this time of year, perhaps you guys have suggestions? I’d love to spend around 5 days! Less is too short but more I think I might start imagining the titanic over and over in my head….


From Miami to Naussa, so on…. What’s the best route for cruises and which company should I go with? Any in particular that I should ban from consideration?

Thanks friends!

Turkey madness…

After cooking an 18 pound turkey for only four people…. I had a dilemma. What was I supposed to do with all that extra turkey!

Friends, here is my disclaimer. I celebrated Christmas the 24th and unfortunately I worked every day until the 31st. I would have loved to put my turkey to good use, in fact I had all the right intensions however I failed. Turns out half of my turkey went to waste and the best I got out of it was a week supply of left overs.

My original intention was to make a turkey soup, turkey sandwiches and turkey everything but as mentioned… I miserably failed. With no help around the house since Ty was in Nova Scotia I was left with a tone of little things to do with absolutely no time to speak of. I barely had the time to walk the dog or clean my clothes…. (Actually… I didn’t even get around to laundry! Who am I kidding) Moving on, I wish I could have at least shared it with the less fortunate and what I have come to realize about Christmas is the following. We (as in the average North American household) are spoiled beyond words can explain. Not only in presents but with food! We throw feasts to spend quality time when it can be done with little to no effort. I am mind boggled by how we ever came to be such a confused nation.

We can cry, we can scream and we can accuse but at the end of the day we CANT spend real time together. We need excuses like Christmas and Thanksgiving to bring us together and allow us to appreciate one another…
Since when did loving become so darn difficult.

This year I was gifted the joy I dreamed of over the holidays but it came with a lot of preparation. I cooked close to a week prior and had everything besides the turkey ready to go on the 24th. I know I could have made grill cheeses and everyone would have been just as happy but I needed to prove I was good enough to throw my first Christmas. That I indeed was worthy of celebrating it with. Isn’t that a shame? It makes me cringe…

This may seem like negative post but I promise it is not. These are things I have realized and come to terms with this holiday season. I hope to learn from these lessons and grow a stronger individual. Maybe next year we will have deluxe grill cheeses and sip cream soda by the tree while all of our hearts shine of happiness with or without a turkey.

What are your thought on tradition foods, feasts and the waste most Christmas’ bring…. (We all know I’m not the only one)


Talk about a longggg month…

Christmas ✔️
Family time ✔️
Work ✔️
Exhaustion ✔️

Today marks day four of my back to back Montego Bay streak. My feet are aching and my head is pounding. My father did make it down for Christmas which turned out to be amazing. It was a hassle getting everything together but it turned out great. Ty left Toronto on the 23rd while I was at work and headed Montreal bound. After his long “overtime” shift he managed to drive back within the same night to make sure my dad was home for Christmas. I knew that 3 adults & 2 dogs …. in one tiny car was going to be hell to pay for but we don’t believe in putting them in cargo. They arrived in at around midnight and spent the 24 celebrating in the best kind of way. Love, laughter and dogs fill my little home with joy.

I am extremely proud of this Christmas since it was my first time holding the celebration. I prepared soup, cranberry sauce and broth about a week early. I let the turkey marinate for 24 hours and prepared my yams, mashed potatoes and turnips while my goodies baked. If the dinner food didn’t make them gain weight I can certainly bet dessert did. I had delicious cheesecake cup cakes topped with raspberry preserve and berries, apple cake and a good ole batch of sugar cookies. I almost forgot the gravy as a placed the last of the stuffing in the turkey. I managed to stir one up in a matter of minutes however.

We opened our gifts and recorded memories to cherish. Everyone was thoughtful towards me! It blows my mind. It truly tickles my heart that people gifted me home made goodies, items I mentioned a billion years ago and last but not least personalized cards.

I never realized that I was engaged in so many people’s lives. Being a flight attendant truly makes you lose track of time and friendships. It is unfortunate but it’s definitely something I can work on as I grow. My best friend Roxxane was actually the first to wish me a Merry Christmas. Not that being first settles being best in stone but it made me realize that she wasn’t only MY best friend but perhaps hers. (One of hers) We’ve never been the type of friends to call each other bff’s, besties or biffles. I just knew and it was so refreshing to share a Christmas moment with my oldest childhood friend.

Roxanne and I have come a long way, not necessarily together either. No matter what however, we’ve always been available for one another and I am proud to call her my best friend.

Anyway, I’ve worked like a crazy person and I think my body is taking it’s toll. I got sick two weeks back and I can feel another flu/cold coming on. It must be the change in weather too.

My mother is on her way now. I landed in TO at around 9 and got a call a few minutes after getting past security that she is on her way. I can’t wait till tomorrow evening so I can spend time with the kids and my step dad. Their presents are still under the tree which is still over flowing by the way. I’m not quite sure when I’ll be taking my decorations down. Ty is actually in Nova Scotia today! He flew in early this afternoon and I must admit… I wish he was home. Coming home to nothing is absolutely the worst feeling. Of course I had Oscar jumping up and down but I wanted a real hug!

I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas and I look forward to speaking with you guys! It has been too long!

Have a great night folks.


Phoenix, Arizona

Last night was bittersweet. Downside: Away from home. Upside: Time to clear my mind of all the negative from the past week.  Sometimes a good meltdown is needed.

As I arrived in Arizona I was brought back to my college days. During the summer after high school my mother gave me the choice to stay in Montreal or move to West Virginia with her and the rest of the family. Of course I decided to stay… I had too much to lose. I had Tyler, my recent admission into college and a stable job.

Forgive me if my grammar is brutal and the layout sucks. I am using my phone to post for the very first time. I have ten minutes left before my shuttle arrives but I feel the need to share my mind struggles.

Anyway, flashback 2 Christmas’ ago… It was my first Christmas with out my large family. No siblings and no grandparents. It felt good to share some quality time with dad but let’s be honest. Traditions are hard to part with, especially when it involves your siblings. It was a difficult year but Christmas really took a toll on me. I wasn’t ready to lose my family. Once the Christmas rush was finished at work I took a long drive to West Virginia and stayed for 2 weeks. It was the first time since convocation that I had seen my mom.

Later that year, mom discussed moving closer to home. It was too difficult to stay in touch and see each other. In the midst of all things… my step father was offered another contract but this time it was in Arizona. Just when I thought I’d spend NEXT Christmas with everyone they were considering Tucson.

Mom got on a flight to PHX. Visited for a week or so and fell in love. I was sure we would be doomed.

To make a long story short, they never ended up moving. The contract was taken by someone else and my step father had agreed to move closer.

Last night however, every emotion I had two years ago enveloped my heart while my current struggles over whelmed me. It’s funny… As I stepped out of the airport I thought to myself “Hmm… This is where mom would have been spending Christmas had the timing worked out”

I don’t know what this post was supposed to be about but unfortunate I am out of time. Five hour flight here I come. PHX-YYZ here I come. I can not wait to get home to Tyler! I need to cuddle and share what’s on my mind 🙂

Have a great day my friends…. till next time!