Studying for Beginners…

Studying for Beginners…

By now we should all know how to study however our methods do not always give us the right results! You will need to study for numerous things in life & understanding how to do so successfully is very important. From what I recollect I wasn’t the studious type in high school. It wasn’t until I reached college that I realize it was time to get my stuff together. I never did bad in high school but I know I could have done better.

1. Keeping track of your progress…

Yes, Sometimes that is hard task however this is a crucial key to success. Whether it’s your grades or a recipe we all love feedback. In college we had an online program that our teachers could post our grades on. They would allow us to check are own grades and set higher goals. We could actually understand and predict a future grade based on one assignment. This was genius because it was an incentive to do better! Rather then waiting in a classroom for an exam, you could share your mark with your family at 7pm over dinner! It was always so exciting! Being able to track my progress made me feel engaged with the course I was taking. Based on the value of an assignment and a grade I received I was able to breakdown when and where I went wrong.

Maybe creating your own chart could help you reach a little higher!

2. 20 Minute Study Session

Sometimes we leave studying till the very last-minute. Of course we all have our own reasons however it is no reason to give up. My best results always seemed to present themselves when I studied in intervals! I would study for 20-30 minutes and ask my dad to listen to me explain what it was I was studying. Regurgitating all the important information allowed me to keep it fresh in my memory. My dad would build up a conversation with me and we would end up sharing our opinions on the topic. This would help me attach current thoughts with theories and historical events I may have not been familiar with.

3. Visually Appeal

I am a very visual person therefore studying facts and dates was never my forte. Using highlighters, coloured pens and cool note books always helped me. My parents never understood this but it allowed me to be entertained with subjects I may have never wanted to learn about. When it came time to study I would create myself study sheets filled with doodles and neat writing!

4. Acronyms 

The best thing that ever happened. I used different acronyms I created while studying to remember key concepts and sequences. I still to this day remember to this day the key words used in my Western History Mid term based on the acronym PPP which stood for the 3 significant wars in greek history. The Peloponnesian War, Persian War and Punic War! Crazy… considering I learned that almost 3 years ago!

5. Proper Notes

Note taking is so important. If you do not know how to it is time to learn. If your teacher provides you with notes don’t depend on them having all the important details. Most power points and slide shows include only the topics and key words. It is used as a reference therefore copying each slide won’t help you nor will only having the printed notes. Use a notebook wisely. Always include a date and chapter if it applies. Being organized is key. Anything not included in the presentation should be written down as well as stories that would help you remember. It is okay if you don’t have each bit jotted. If you reference in accordance you will be able to build on your points by memory!


Seriously? What use does that have. Only highlight key words, subjects and themes. This will allow you to find answers more efficiently. Your highlighted context should be reference points not “to study later” points. A whole page may seem important but it is your task to break it down and realize why it is important. Having a pen and paper near will help you reiterate exactly what it is you want to remember without ruining your textbook! Highlighting often creates a blur! it takes away from things you may need to understand more! Be careful.

If you have any tricks that helped you study, feel free to leave a comment bellow! I may include it in a future post!

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