Price Matching

What They Don’t Teach You In High School

Perhaps you’ve watched one of TLC’s wide variety of shows that make saving money look so simple….Mind you, whether you have or have not doesn’t really makes a difference since, lets face it, we’d all love to spend a little less here and a little more there.

First, my little disclaimer: Everything on this post is based on my personal experience. If something doesn’t work for you as it may have for me I’m not responsible.


Back to the good stuff! A few weeks ago I was driving home from Montreal when my boyfriend encouraged me to download an app that allowed you to find the cheapest gas near your location. Back home gas was soaring at $1.48 and our trip had already costed us so much it was a relief to find it at $1.11. In fact, such a breath of fresh air we couldn’t stop telling everyone we knew.

App: Gas Buddies 

How it works: By creating an account and confirming the gas prices in your neighbourhood you earn points that can be entered into a draw to win free gas. You can chose your gas by type, distance and price ! Sort of like a drop down menu on a website!

This works fantastically because you can count on hundreds of people updating the gas price where ever your travels may take you. Sure, you might have to drive an extra two minutes off the highway but who cares if your saving the cost of your road trips meal… Right?

Fast forward a week or so when I joined a group on Facebook that taught me a whole lot more about saving money. While your still at the app store downloading Gas Buddies be sure to download one of my next favourite apps Checkout 51.

Checkout 51 is pretty awesome too! They actually send you a check simply for taking a picture of things you purchased that fall on their list that given week! Cool… No? Now, simple tips I’ve learned with this app.

1. Always check the list before going to go do your groceries… Maybe you can earn some cash back for buying a product you might be running out of.

2. Grocery bills over 60$, Scroll down to the bottom off the list and there you have it ladies and gents a simple and harmless way to potentially earning a few hundred dollars on a check…. Take a picture of your receipt using the app and submit. You can do this once a week.

3. Look over your receipts before the end of the week maybe you missed an item that was on the list and can earn an extra few bucks. It never hurts to look over your receipts anyway… Might as well make the best of it.

Which brings me to my next moment of joy! I seriously can’t explain why this excited me so much but let me try to describe it. All those years of buying groceries while prices increased and salaries remained the same… All those receipts that should have costed half of the price it rang out to be… Seriously, with a few extra minutes spent here and there I could have bought that designer pair of shoes I wanted with out feeling guilty.

Now now, don’t judge me, we all know you indulged too…

Price matching! See, in Montreal you can’t do many things. Contest usually exclude Quebec and well, pretty much everything else too. Apparently, I was wrong and should have jumped on the band wagon a little sooner. Wal-Mart has a price matching policy that allows you to price match items all across Canada. My first price matching experience I must admit I was little nervous but here’s what I got from it.

1.Organize your pictures because YES, you can screen shot your online flyers by using apps such as Reebee, myFlyer & Flyerify. Organize them in order of how you’ll place your items out at the cash. You want your cashier to have an easy time while keeping the line behind you moving. If your living in Ontario I suggest you try your first time around 9 PM since the store is open till 11PM and the line ups will be short. No chance to aggravate the customers behind you. (My biggest fear…) Having the apps really do help because if the screen shot isn’t clearly indicating the date of flyer and items name & size you can simply refresh the page and Voila… Moving on.

2. This ones a low blow… Go for a young cashier. Chances are they’re not going to be such sticklers. My first time Pm’ing I had a really awesome girl my age just ask me the price I had on my device. No need to show her or anything! Age however, has proven to be a factor!

3. Double up on your savings the more comfortable you get. Try making a grocery list with your PMed items and google if any coupons are available. Before printing read carefully as it may not be valid for items on “special”.

As most of you may know, Im quite young myself and I am currently living on my own for the very first time! Apps like these have allowed me to continue doing the things I would have done living at home with no expenses. All it takes is a few minutes every now and then. Don’t forget DATA haha.

I must say, I was proud of myself after my first PM when I saved $180.00 on food that would last me the whole month! I dragged Tyler (My boyfriend) out of the house after a long days work, gathered my picture in a little file on my phone labelled LOL and told him I was going to cut our bill in half! Sure enough I cut in THIRDS! He was so impressed with how little it actually took to save on daily expenses that anytime we go out for groceries he asks whether or not that store price matches!

PS: It has also made it a lot easier to get him to join because he is no longer bored. He wants to see how much we would have been scammed for. I give him a pen and paper and he writes down all the original prices. Unfortunately, when you price match it doesn’t tell you how much you saved on your bill. If your eager to know like us you’ll bring a pen and paper with you or take a snap of the original price with your phone!

If you’d like to see if your local store price matches just check out their website! The policies are always posted. That also applies if a cashier is giving you a hard time. Know your stores policy and you’ll be absolutely fine! Also, for everyones sake don’t be greedy! A stockpile as seen on TLC is not necessary! My goal is not to hoard 20 bottles of soap in my closet! Im just a young lady trying to utilize all those little things we are oblivious to.

One more thing, since online shopping has become so popular this one you may already be on top of but I will throw it out there anyways… Google PROMO CODES or COUPON CODES for the specific website. Chance are you can get up to 50% off or even free shipping!

Have a great shop,

Talk to you folks later !