My Love

Remember that time when…

After five years you start to forget the little details! Well, not really forget I suppose they just get pushed back to an unfamiliar place. The past few weeks have been a tad difficult on the both of us as I have not lived up to being the perfect women.

I know! There is no such thing as perfect but seriously… Some mistakes can not be undone.

Now, back to my original train of thought…

Remember that time when I wrote you 50 blue post-it’s with reasons why I love you.

I know it sounds like a random thought but I couldn’t help but think about it in the middle of my little outbreak via FaceTime from Calgary.

I just need you to know I love you.
I need you to know that every single one of those post-it’s still resonate in my mind and my heart!
I need you to be ready for the ups and the downs as mentioned, no one is perfect.
I need you to be nothing more but YOU!

Let’s be real, you are the one I love unconditionally!

PS: I may not always be as “cute” and affectionate as I used to be but sweetheart I promise my love for you grows exponentially with every breath I take!


Dear Tyler,

Although I am hundreds of miles away from you… You are the closest to my heart!

Today’s daily prompt.. ( You know those little task’s I show you every now and then) was to write something out of the norm and in a complete different style. I hope I have nailed it! Here is my attempt to charm you while sharing with you this ever so new to me form of poetry!

I hope you enjoy! I love you.

Your passion ignites my heart with desire,

to grow, to learn, to love & inspire.

For you I wake so bright each day,

to share the price of love… I’ll pay.

A good investment… Yes, Indeed.

As you have lifted me right off my feet!


Some things never change.

The past few nights have been crazy…packed with plans and preparations.

After five years we still have it in us. That lust that consumes your body. That infinite drive that runs in every ounce of your blood. That joy that makes your heart beat so loud you can hear it when your quiet. Tonight we celebrated us. Five years in the making and still counting and dreaming. Building memories that last a life time. I’m beginning to understand what that sentence means. After all this time together I still remember everything that happened today… five beautiful years ago.

We were children…

I refuse to say teens because we had no idea what life had in store for us. We texted like crazy and gave our parents massive phone bills all in hope that one day we could look back and laugh at how eager we were to have lives together. We giggled while we flirted and barely ever disagreed. We vowed in our shared diary that we were a match made in heaven and stayed clear of those who doubted us.

Putting on my makeup today reminded me of our first date. My face is pretty clear now a days since my crazy layovers are over so I dusted on my ever so handy Rimmel “Transparent Matte” face powder. As I sat at my vanity that anxious feeling I had five years ago while we bused our way to the movies took over my body. I could feel your gaze as I ordered a medium popcorn for the very first time seeing I had an order for two at last. The very first time you sent chills down my spine as you hinted to hold my hand. That moment when I felt proud. 

Proud to know I could be yours.

Well Jasmine, here you have it. He is all yours and forever will be.

Just like my face powder and my tiny coach bag… You haven’t changed. You are the love of my life and I am so grateful to be your one and only. Tonight you held my hand and I could see just exactly how proud you are of me. You made my eyes twinkle and my heart beat so loud I didn’t have to be quiet to hear it.

I love you.