Folks… Day 3: Lunch

Yes, I have made it to day three however I have customized each on of the dinners. I have obviously kept it in moderation and kept nutrition in mind. I must admit, as much as I didn’t follow the diet exactly I feel cleaner and I feel like I am actually going somewhere with this! Because I am customizing it I am not actually dieting I am just insuring to eat healthy which is and was my main priority I am proud! I am going to keep this up on 3 day cycles and keep you guys posted.

Before this three day journey I never ate breakfast or lunch. I only had dinner with a bunch of non healthy snacks. I would have cookies for breakfast because I was lazy to go out toast in the toaster or make dishes. I know I am not the only one who struggles with this issue therefor I feel the need to be honest and say I think I am headed in the right direction!

Tyler and I are road tripping tonight to go visit my mother, I am going to pack a dinner I can eat in the car and I will try my best not to eat junk food.

I think the biggest part to a weight loss process is organization. Everything connects with something else. If my kitchen is clean and the dishes are done, I don’t feel as lazy to use a plate make a healthy choice and clean it right away! If a lunch is ready to go then I don’t need to purchase food out!

My biggest issue is comfort food, I love hot food and the way it makes me feel! I feel at home when I eat hot food and it helps me sleep better. Now, I know that my last sentence is the worst when it comes to getting fit but seriously! Over the past few months I have realized, the plane is cold, I want hot food more than ever. Little snacks like cucumbers and crackers seriously do not make me feel full!
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! If you guys have similar struggles as me please feel free to send me a message! We are on this adventure together! We can do this!

Day 1: Lunch


Day1: Lunch

1 Piece of toasted bread

1/2 Cup of Tuna ( I used canned)

A pinch of Salt and Pepper for flavor

1 Glass of water

How do I feel:

Surprisingly content. It is out of habit to eat more and larger portions but my stomach isn’t hungry nor is it full. I feel like a few more bites would do the trick. I still plan on going to the gym later so I am trying my best to finish my glass of water but my taste buds are simply bored.

Talk to you guys later. I can not wait for dinner as it calls for ice cream & an apple for dessert.

Day 1: Breakfast

Day 1: Breakfast

When: 1 PM ( Late, I know…)


1 Piece of toasted bread

1 tbsp of Peanut Butter

Half a Banana

A sprinkle of Chai seeds

Drink: 1 Glass of water

How do I feel:

Hungry but energized. I feel like the water helps a lot however my mouth still wants real food! I am craving salty foods such as Nacho chips and cheese. I will be having my “Day 1: Lunch” in just a little bit and “Day 1: Dinner” at around 7 PM.

If you have any question feel free to send them my way!

The 3 Day Journey

As many of you know, I am a flight attendant and unfortunately as much as the job has its benefits it has its down falls. One of which is keeping track of your health. Travelling the world and living on different time zones can really take a toll on your body especially when your eating and sleeping habits are compromised. Over the past six months I have watched my body go from naturally fit to perhaps the most unhealthiest state Iv’e been. Enough is enough! I have tried Insanity, a crazy work out video you can do in the comfort of your own home. T25, the more compact version of that at home work out routine and finally gave in and bought myself a gym membership. Why? The at home thing just wasn’t working for me. I need people, competition and even a little bit of discomfort to truly push myself!

Folks, Iv’e been pushing myself daily to just GO to the gym because once I am there I will work out no issues. However, I haven’t seen any positive results! Perhaps I am not meant to lose the weight? I am so confused! I wish I had someone who could explain to me more about health and nutrition! I have lost close to 6 lbs. Yay! Right? In exchange I have been blessed with these awful purple stretch marks on my inner thighs and my upper hips! What to do what to do! I figure on factor may be the food that I am eating therefor I have jump started my journey to a healthier diet by doing a 3 day diet.

A 21 day fix, 90 day challenge and every other type of long diet seems a tad intimidating to me. My biggest problem is portion control. I have cut out sodas but I haven’t mastered chips or sweets. I can’t not have an entire bag! I find it so easy to down all my junk food and unfortunately I’m the culprit! I buy these things in small amounts, I go away for a week and return home to the same snacks and I buy more. On a blue day I tend to devour the entire pantry. So the easiest for me at the moment would be something short, sweet and not too painful.

I have decided to try a 3 day diet which consist of a chemical breakdown that helps kick your metabolisms into shape (so to speak) Many patients under going heart surgery are put on similar diets to help shed some water weight. Some call this the AHA 3 Day Diet or even Cleveland Diet. I have altered it to preference will keeping portions under control. I will post all my progress and how I spice up the prepared meals.

Stay tuned as I try my best to kick start my SUCCESSFUL weight lose challenge. I will be working out regularly during my 3 day Fix and my off days as well! I hope this is something that will perhaps help you guys.