At which point does a comment go from okay to on the line to offensive…. 

Does having two different opinions change the point in which we measure the okay to on the line to offensive frame… 

Is it different for everyone? 

Perhaps blogging while I am literally fuming isn’t the best thing to do but after all who would listen to me vent with out having their own judgement…. 

& If that’s the case…

Exactly why is it okay to have an opinion on certain matters but it is not socially acceptable to have them on others… 

It’s time we all get on the same page. Especially with your loved one and or your significant other. Otherwise you’ll be stuck fighting a battle that was approved by simply waiting too long to  bring to light. The lack of opinion then can effect you now like never before…. Don’t conceal your thoughts and emotions because you don’t feel they may share the same ones…. Spit it out while you can. 

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