It sure has been a while…

I must say, not as much as expected has changed. 

The family is still in shambles trying to get it together to no avail. I have found a better place for myself as the weather is changing. Dad turned the big 60 earlier this month. Unlike the average person , he didn’t feel any different ! He will always be young at heart. I admire that. He stepped off of North American soil for the very first time this month! We flew to Rome, Italy for his birthday. We spent an amazing week with amazing apartment hosts and amazing food. 

Perhaps I’ve spoiled myself travelling as I do it for a living but I couldn’t help but notice my dad was the typical once in a life time traveler. The whole week it was as if he had turned a new leaf, from the moment we touched down in Italy to the very last second of our taxi in Toronto every problem had disappeared. In the aftermath, every single issue reemerged larger and more powerful then they had ever been. 

The youngest of our dogs, kindly gifted to my younger-not-so-responsible-teenaged-brother has had issues with his back legs for the longest time. He has had surgery on his left leg in the past however the vet does not think it is worth trying to fix the other one as the left one never healed as it was supposed to.  This issue has been tormenting my father as he doesn’t know what to do! The vet strongly suggests leaving the dog grow as he has always had this problem and he doesn’t know the difference. He has never had normal, painless legs, the surgery and recovery is possibly worse than the pain he has right now. The problem: the younger-not-so-responsible-teenage-brother… The vet suggested having the dog live in a more relaxed environment with less steps and no other pets. We have a large staircase and two other dogs who love playing with little Grizzly. Noah however, can not imagine not being able to visit, yes folks I said visit.The reason I say visit is because Noah doesn’t actually live with my dad, he doesn’t actually live in the same province. My dad is the only care giver for Grizzly and it has become more and more difficult as summer has approached. 

Dad not only has that on his plate but the task of moving out of his 7 1/2 apartment to something much smaller and less tasteful. He has had the hardest time parting with his lifetime of collectibles. I think a garage sale would be perfect however I wouldn’t be there to help therefor I’m not sure if I should suggest it. I feel like I would need to monitor what my father decides to put up for sale as I want to protect him from spontaneously selling his most important memorable item.

We are a sentimental family indeed. The smallest trinkets have value to us. 

I found a new apartment for him in a beautiful location but I don’t think he is too happy. He keeps on playing with the idea of offering the landlord to increase his rent just so he can stay where he is. 

Now, mom on the other hand…. I don’t even know where to start. She is supposed to be moving to Toronto. Things are changing for the better very slowly. I suppose I can post in more detail later. 

One comment

  1. Jasmine, sweetie, looks like you’ve been away a while. I hope that you are okay. It sounds like the world got pretty chaotic. I hope this is just a temporary hiatus from your blog because you really did bring sunshine into my world by sharing your heart here on Beauty is Found Everywhere. I don’t know why you touch my heart, you just do, more than the others.

    I actually nominated you for an award I created back in July but forgot to tell you about it. Maybe accepting the award now will be like putting your toe into a swimming pool to test the temperature. See if you’re ready to come back.

    Whenever you do return, please let me know, I don’t want to miss finding you in my reader. I hope things with your dad and the dog are working out.

    I relate to your dad. I have so many things that mean so much to me. Things from my grama, things from my dad, things that have been around my entire life. Purging is really difficult. It is good that you know what really matters even if he cannot remember.

    Room 101




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