Month: February 2015


When I was a child, all my friends visited paris annually and went to Disney World every other year. My friends would come back with trinkets that would last them a lifetime and tones of stories!

Well folks, today marks my first day in Paris. Also, my first trip “on my own” that is, off company time and not being directed by mom and dad!

The journey was a tad difficult as our apartment is right by the Eiffel Tower and to be honest lugging around huge suit cases on and off of the metro was something else.

We took a RER train to Saint-Michel de Notre Dame and connected to line C. We found ourselves a few blocks away but still managed to drag our bags across the cobble stone roads! Turns out we have a metro right beside our apartment but who would have know!

Google map instructed us to walk 43 minutes to our Paris Pass pick up but miserably failed us when we arrived 3 hours later! It started to pour rain, our shoes were soaking wet and the wind managed to sprinkle our back sides. We hopped in to a Taxi and the fellow tried to rip us off! I may look like a tourist but let me remind you I spent my summer in Barcelona… Capital of con-artist and pick pockets! The fare has been 5.55€ and a tag on the windshield explained minimum fare was 6.85€… Sure. Now explain to me how the meter jumped to 10.00€. Thanks but no thanks.

We picked up our passes with our ever so grumpy faces. Hopped on to the metro and followed line 9 “home”. On our way home we decided to stop and look for a bite to eat. (Here’s a pro tip: If you find accommodations near the Eiffel Tower expect to travel to eat regular priced food or order in. The nearest restaurant charged a wopping 70€ for a plate. Plate guys! A plate, common not even a meal…. That converts to ~105.00$.

So guess what we ate for dinner!

After countless attempts at calling for Pizza we had some of our French family members call from their landline! It took forever! I didn’t realize you had to replace +33 by 0 before dialling. Who would have know.

I am jumping back and forth I know, I forgot my empty journal back home. I would have loved to journal my trip so this is the closest I will get for now!

After we landed at CDG, we looked for the RER only to follow signs for 25 minutes in the airport! My feet where cramping in my heels and it truly was an adventure getting in and out of all the transportation with heels, a carry on and a purse! Never again. I think I want to back pack from now on!

Pizza was strange… I’ve eaten pizza pretty much everywhere in Europe but I’ve never had deliver pizza from a chain. Apparently Pizza Hut FR doesn’t compare. The big box deal we have back home is double the size and to be honest the pizza wasn’t “good” either. Of course after eating close to 15 hours prior I scoffed it down but I am looking forward to a Parisian meal. A REAL Parisian meal.

The Eiffel Tower is not as big as the CN Tower… I didn’t ever considering comparing them until now. I was a little shocked at the fact that I didn’t have to tilt my head all the way back! Tomorrow we will venture a little closer and perhaps integrate ourselves a little more.

For those of you wondering, I am travelling with my nanny. I am super excited to rekindle the relationship we shared when I was younger!

Lastly… Maybe.
We had amazing chocolates. Sandra and Vergenie greeted us with chocolates from Frances best chocolatier! My oh my… My mouth couldn’t help but keep watering! So delicious! I wish I could share!

Currently jet lagged… It is 3 am local time however I cannot sleep! Back home it’s no later than 8-9? Who knows! Looking forward to a chocolate croissant and a cappuccino.

Nanny snores apparently lol.
I don’t know if I’ll fall back asleep! I am such a light sleeper!

Good night folks my hands are officially numb from holding my phone above me while laying down.