Folks… Day 3: Lunch

Yes, I have made it to day three however I have customized each on of the dinners. I have obviously kept it in moderation and kept nutrition in mind. I must admit, as much as I didn’t follow the diet exactly I feel cleaner and I feel like I am actually going somewhere with this! Because I am customizing it I am not actually dieting I am just insuring to eat healthy which is and was my main priority I am proud! I am going to keep this up on 3 day cycles and keep you guys posted.

Before this three day journey I never ate breakfast or lunch. I only had dinner with a bunch of non healthy snacks. I would have cookies for breakfast because I was lazy to go out toast in the toaster or make dishes. I know I am not the only one who struggles with this issue therefor I feel the need to be honest and say I think I am headed in the right direction!

Tyler and I are road tripping tonight to go visit my mother, I am going to pack a dinner I can eat in the car and I will try my best not to eat junk food.

I think the biggest part to a weight loss process is organization. Everything connects with something else. If my kitchen is clean and the dishes are done, I don’t feel as lazy to use a plate make a healthy choice and clean it right away! If a lunch is ready to go then I don’t need to purchase food out!

My biggest issue is comfort food, I love hot food and the way it makes me feel! I feel at home when I eat hot food and it helps me sleep better. Now, I know that my last sentence is the worst when it comes to getting fit but seriously! Over the past few months I have realized, the plane is cold, I want hot food more than ever. Little snacks like cucumbers and crackers seriously do not make me feel full!
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! If you guys have similar struggles as me please feel free to send me a message! We are on this adventure together! We can do this!

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