Cuz’ she a lonely girl, in a lonely world…

Going threw another one of my phases. I wish I didn’t know myself so well to say that this is the beginning of a sad time for myself. Not depressed. No. More or less alone. Lost and looking for answers. What separates this feeling from being depressed and well, whatever you want to call this is simply the fact that I have not lost all motivation. I want to succeed and move forward in life and I won’t give up that’s for sure.

On another note, why is it so difficult to make people happy. I know for myself, being happy has a lot to do with making others happy. That’s a reflection of the parenting I received. Not everyone shares those thoughts.

Today I spent the day in LAX. Pretty cool if you ask me. I took a cab from my hotel to Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach! I wish I had Tyler there with me. I used an app called UBER to find me a legit cab on wifi as I obviously don’t want to use my phone in the US. I splurged at Victoria Secrets when I found the swim suit I’ve been eyeing just sitting alone in a corner. I HAD to. Plus if it makes a difference I wasn’t in the best of moods so my impulsive shopping became more an issue. Spending money I don’t necessarily want to spend. Now that’s a problem!

LA caught me by surprise actually. My entire life I grew up thinking to myself ” Wow. LA! You have to be so fancy to live there” but in all seriousness, LAX has to be the most disappointing airport there is! The terminal we get off at is absolutely rubbish! The traffic and shuttle services is worse than the smell of Oscars s**t. Almost all hotels are infested with bed bugs and everything is so over priced.

Here’s the thing, even thought those things sucked I couldn’t help and enjoy some of the city’s spectacular hot spots!

Weekend getaway here I come!!!

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