Home sweet home.

It’s been ages since I’ve felt at home anywhere. Ever since I moved out I couldn’t help but associate freedom with home and obviously living at your parents is not exactly that. I’d land in Montreal and take a deep breath because the smell of my city was comforting however all my belongs, everything that made me who I am was installed all nicely in Toronto. In the same breath home is usually where you have family however everyone I know lives away. My mom and siblings live in Ottawa and well dad’s back in Montreal.

After a four day pairing… I am happy to say I can’t wait to be home! Yes, home in Toronto. In my bed with my Oscar and Tyler watching an entire season of Grey’s Anatomy. Of course I’d love to add chips and chocolate to that combo but let’s face it! I’ve been living off of junk for the past week! I barely fit in my pants thanks to my bloating. No wonder why I’ve grown stretch marks!

My, my I just realized I used the proper terminology. Goooo me! I used “combo” instead of “trio” apparently it’s a French thing to call a set of things a trio. Every time I order fast food and it’s a combo I always say trio and the person at the window looks at me like I’m a deplaning a UFO.



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