That so called not a test…. Test.

So unfortunately, due to many reasons… I can’t indulge deep into this blog as most of the details I can not share at the moment but hopefully I will be able to shortly. That’s if all goes as planned.

I am currently doing a four day pairing which means I am working away from my base for four days. First stop Pheonix, Arizona. Followed by L.A and Calgary. I wasn’t too excited about this months schedule as I didn’t received anything I wanted but everything happens for a reason! It just so happens I have a great crew!

Here’s something you may not know about flight attendants! We are usually so many working for the same company that the chances of working with the same employee more than once is very slim! For the most part you meet a brand new crew each flight. This time around I was blessed to work this long shift with 2 girls I have already flown with and another girl who is absolutely the sweetest!

Still looking forward to that cruise!!! Cmon! I wish I could fast forward to next month. Get some time off, enjoy the sun, the ocean you name it! Of course tan away my stretch marks… I hope. I am looking forward to spending time with my nanny. It will be our first get away of the sort and perhaps the first time hanging out for that long! Growing up we used to visit every week multiples times but as we aged and our parents grew more and more apart so did our grandparents.

Anyway, looks like I am coming down with a cold which you guys may know kills your ears and sinus area when your flying. The pressure is absolutely the worst! I have been using sudafed which works well but online the reviews are scary. I hope the cold goes away quickly so I can stop using sudafed. It’s very hard however to take good care of your self when your travelling daily and not sleeping in your own bed!

Off to the gym! Hopefully this hotel has a good one 🙂

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