To cruise or not to cruise…

As you all know, I travel to make a living but don’t ever really have the time to actually “vacation”. This month however I have 11 consecutive days off! I’d love to go on vacation with my boyfriend but unfortunately his vacation has already passed. I suppose I can figure something out. I know my grandmother would love to join me, I hope it’s not too late for her to create her schedule!

I just recently flew with my friend Adam who explained to me how to best make use of my flight benefits, I am anxious to give them a go!

I found a ridiculously great deal for cruises but I am puzzled as to were I should go. The Miami port is most accessible at this time of year, perhaps you guys have suggestions? I’d love to spend around 5 days! Less is too short but more I think I might start imagining the titanic over and over in my head….


From Miami to Naussa, so on…. What’s the best route for cruises and which company should I go with? Any in particular that I should ban from consideration?

Thanks friends!

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