Turkey madness…

After cooking an 18 pound turkey for only four people…. I had a dilemma. What was I supposed to do with all that extra turkey!

Friends, here is my disclaimer. I celebrated Christmas the 24th and unfortunately I worked every day until the 31st. I would have loved to put my turkey to good use, in fact I had all the right intensions however I failed. Turns out half of my turkey went to waste and the best I got out of it was a week supply of left overs.

My original intention was to make a turkey soup, turkey sandwiches and turkey everything but as mentioned… I miserably failed. With no help around the house since Ty was in Nova Scotia I was left with a tone of little things to do with absolutely no time to speak of. I barely had the time to walk the dog or clean my clothes…. (Actually… I didn’t even get around to laundry! Who am I kidding) Moving on, I wish I could have at least shared it with the less fortunate and what I have come to realize about Christmas is the following. We (as in the average North American household) are spoiled beyond words can explain. Not only in presents but with food! We throw feasts to spend quality time when it can be done with little to no effort. I am mind boggled by how we ever came to be such a confused nation.

We can cry, we can scream and we can accuse but at the end of the day we CANT spend real time together. We need excuses like Christmas and Thanksgiving to bring us together and allow us to appreciate one another…
Since when did loving become so darn difficult.

This year I was gifted the joy I dreamed of over the holidays but it came with a lot of preparation. I cooked close to a week prior and had everything besides the turkey ready to go on the 24th. I know I could have made grill cheeses and everyone would have been just as happy but I needed to prove I was good enough to throw my first Christmas. That I indeed was worthy of celebrating it with. Isn’t that a shame? It makes me cringe…

This may seem like negative post but I promise it is not. These are things I have realized and come to terms with this holiday season. I hope to learn from these lessons and grow a stronger individual. Maybe next year we will have deluxe grill cheeses and sip cream soda by the tree while all of our hearts shine of happiness with or without a turkey.

What are your thought on tradition foods, feasts and the waste most Christmas’ bring…. (We all know I’m not the only one)


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