Talk about a longggg month…

Christmas ✔️
Family time ✔️
Work ✔️
Exhaustion ✔️

Today marks day four of my back to back Montego Bay streak. My feet are aching and my head is pounding. My father did make it down for Christmas which turned out to be amazing. It was a hassle getting everything together but it turned out great. Ty left Toronto on the 23rd while I was at work and headed Montreal bound. After his long “overtime” shift he managed to drive back within the same night to make sure my dad was home for Christmas. I knew that 3 adults & 2 dogs …. in one tiny car was going to be hell to pay for but we don’t believe in putting them in cargo. They arrived in at around midnight and spent the 24 celebrating in the best kind of way. Love, laughter and dogs fill my little home with joy.

I am extremely proud of this Christmas since it was my first time holding the celebration. I prepared soup, cranberry sauce and broth about a week early. I let the turkey marinate for 24 hours and prepared my yams, mashed potatoes and turnips while my goodies baked. If the dinner food didn’t make them gain weight I can certainly bet dessert did. I had delicious cheesecake cup cakes topped with raspberry preserve and berries, apple cake and a good ole batch of sugar cookies. I almost forgot the gravy as a placed the last of the stuffing in the turkey. I managed to stir one up in a matter of minutes however.

We opened our gifts and recorded memories to cherish. Everyone was thoughtful towards me! It blows my mind. It truly tickles my heart that people gifted me home made goodies, items I mentioned a billion years ago and last but not least personalized cards.

I never realized that I was engaged in so many people’s lives. Being a flight attendant truly makes you lose track of time and friendships. It is unfortunate but it’s definitely something I can work on as I grow. My best friend Roxxane was actually the first to wish me a Merry Christmas. Not that being first settles being best in stone but it made me realize that she wasn’t only MY best friend but perhaps hers. (One of hers) We’ve never been the type of friends to call each other bff’s, besties or biffles. I just knew and it was so refreshing to share a Christmas moment with my oldest childhood friend.

Roxanne and I have come a long way, not necessarily together either. No matter what however, we’ve always been available for one another and I am proud to call her my best friend.

Anyway, I’ve worked like a crazy person and I think my body is taking it’s toll. I got sick two weeks back and I can feel another flu/cold coming on. It must be the change in weather too.

My mother is on her way now. I landed in TO at around 9 and got a call a few minutes after getting past security that she is on her way. I can’t wait till tomorrow evening so I can spend time with the kids and my step dad. Their presents are still under the tree which is still over flowing by the way. I’m not quite sure when I’ll be taking my decorations down. Ty is actually in Nova Scotia today! He flew in early this afternoon and I must admit… I wish he was home. Coming home to nothing is absolutely the worst feeling. Of course I had Oscar jumping up and down but I wanted a real hug!

I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas and I look forward to speaking with you guys! It has been too long!

Have a great night folks.


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