If I could fly to Geneva…

Tyler and I have been discussing a vacation for ages now. Today we added Geneva, Switzerland to our list of potential getaways. How does one even begin to plan a trip to a foreign country? I’ve obviously already searched every key word on google… But let’s face it. Trips and vacations are very expensive. We don’t want to miss anything! So far we’ve looked at the four main places we would like to visit in Switzerland and we are considering traveling to one of their neighbouring countries such as Germany, Italy, France or Austria.

We plan on taking a flight from Toronto, Canada to Geneva, Switzerland. Once we arrive in Geneva we would like to spend a couple of days visiting the most popular attractions. We would also like to take the time to explore local culture and eat great cheese!

I am looking forward to planning this potential vacation as I have a lot of catching up to do. Roxanne (my best friend) and I would love to visit Barcelona this coming summer and my grandmother and I may visit Rome this January.

If you guys have any tips in regards to travelling feel free to comment below! I need as much feedback as I can get! As you may know my typical travels consist of one day stays….



    1. That’s what I am hoping to visit! My only issue is finding the right places to visit that are not full of tourist! I love being able to engage with real traditional culture and the locals!
      Thank you for your feedback it is greatly appreciated! If you have any suggestions let me know!


  1. The one thing I can recommend in Geneva is the restaurant Edelweiss, where there’s an authentic alphorn inside that you can try to play if you like. They do a delicious cheese fondue too, and it’s decorated like a little mountain hut. I’ve been there twice and always had a good time.


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