December Madness

It’s December 3rd, I have eaten almost 25 dark chocolate cordial cherries and a pile of candy canes. This entire losing weight process is killing me! One day I am doing great and the next … Well, I just explained my issue. Mind you, for the first time in a while that’s not what been what’s bugging me. I can’t put my finger on it either. I’m comfortable with my job… I have finally passed my probation. Money isn’t the greatest but after all we have hit our winter season.

I spent a wonderful time with my family over the course of the past two weeks. My siblings and I grew closer than ever in our short period of time! From picking them up at school and singing every song from the movie “Frozen” it was definitely time well spent. My mom and her friend Amanda turned out to be the best work out partners as we died of laughter with every crunch we tried to do. We tried this crazy ball exercise that killed our lower abdominal! Way to go girls!

My father came down to visit and we took a trip down to what is now known as “Greektown”. We had the BEST and I repeat BESSSST meal. We ordered greek fries, greek salad, octopus, spanakopita, tzatziki, cheese pie, pita and olive spread. We also ordered 3 Gyro’s without realizing just how much food we ordered. If you guys are ever in the GTAA, you should definitely check out Messini’s. Our entire bill turned costed $50.00. We were hoping to have some loukoumades… these amazing little honey treats however the restaurant didn’t serve dessert. We walked down a few blocks and ran across a pastry shop named “Athens Pastries”…Let me tell you they are thebombdotcom when it comes to traditional Macedonian treats! Toronto isn’t that bad after all. I am adapting slowly but surely.

I’m back to work in a few days…. I won’t be posting as much in December as my schedule is a little crazy. Turns out I didn’t get Christmas off. I am flying to Jamaica four days in a row! I switched it from my original pairing which included two layovers. One in Los Angeles and the other in Hawaii! I wanted to save Hawaii for Tyler and I.

I bought a new agenda for 2015. It is always exciting to fill in the first few pages. If your anything like me once you screw up however… the thrill fades away. I am looking organize myself as best as possible.

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