Month: December 2014

Turkey madness…

After cooking an 18 pound turkey for only four people…. I had a dilemma. What was I supposed to do with all that extra turkey!

Friends, here is my disclaimer. I celebrated Christmas the 24th and unfortunately I worked every day until the 31st. I would have loved to put my turkey to good use, in fact I had all the right intensions however I failed. Turns out half of my turkey went to waste and the best I got out of it was a week supply of left overs.

My original intention was to make a turkey soup, turkey sandwiches and turkey everything but as mentioned… I miserably failed. With no help around the house since Ty was in Nova Scotia I was left with a tone of little things to do with absolutely no time to speak of. I barely had the time to walk the dog or clean my clothes…. (Actually… I didn’t even get around to laundry! Who am I kidding) Moving on, I wish I could have at least shared it with the less fortunate and what I have come to realize about Christmas is the following. We (as in the average North American household) are spoiled beyond words can explain. Not only in presents but with food! We throw feasts to spend quality time when it can be done with little to no effort. I am mind boggled by how we ever came to be such a confused nation.

We can cry, we can scream and we can accuse but at the end of the day we CANT spend real time together. We need excuses like Christmas and Thanksgiving to bring us together and allow us to appreciate one another…
Since when did loving become so darn difficult.

This year I was gifted the joy I dreamed of over the holidays but it came with a lot of preparation. I cooked close to a week prior and had everything besides the turkey ready to go on the 24th. I know I could have made grill cheeses and everyone would have been just as happy but I needed to prove I was good enough to throw my first Christmas. That I indeed was worthy of celebrating it with. Isn’t that a shame? It makes me cringe…

This may seem like negative post but I promise it is not. These are things I have realized and come to terms with this holiday season. I hope to learn from these lessons and grow a stronger individual. Maybe next year we will have deluxe grill cheeses and sip cream soda by the tree while all of our hearts shine of happiness with or without a turkey.

What are your thought on tradition foods, feasts and the waste most Christmas’ bring…. (We all know I’m not the only one)


Talk about a longggg month…

Christmas ✔️
Family time ✔️
Work ✔️
Exhaustion ✔️

Today marks day four of my back to back Montego Bay streak. My feet are aching and my head is pounding. My father did make it down for Christmas which turned out to be amazing. It was a hassle getting everything together but it turned out great. Ty left Toronto on the 23rd while I was at work and headed Montreal bound. After his long “overtime” shift he managed to drive back within the same night to make sure my dad was home for Christmas. I knew that 3 adults & 2 dogs …. in one tiny car was going to be hell to pay for but we don’t believe in putting them in cargo. They arrived in at around midnight and spent the 24 celebrating in the best kind of way. Love, laughter and dogs fill my little home with joy.

I am extremely proud of this Christmas since it was my first time holding the celebration. I prepared soup, cranberry sauce and broth about a week early. I let the turkey marinate for 24 hours and prepared my yams, mashed potatoes and turnips while my goodies baked. If the dinner food didn’t make them gain weight I can certainly bet dessert did. I had delicious cheesecake cup cakes topped with raspberry preserve and berries, apple cake and a good ole batch of sugar cookies. I almost forgot the gravy as a placed the last of the stuffing in the turkey. I managed to stir one up in a matter of minutes however.

We opened our gifts and recorded memories to cherish. Everyone was thoughtful towards me! It blows my mind. It truly tickles my heart that people gifted me home made goodies, items I mentioned a billion years ago and last but not least personalized cards.

I never realized that I was engaged in so many people’s lives. Being a flight attendant truly makes you lose track of time and friendships. It is unfortunate but it’s definitely something I can work on as I grow. My best friend Roxxane was actually the first to wish me a Merry Christmas. Not that being first settles being best in stone but it made me realize that she wasn’t only MY best friend but perhaps hers. (One of hers) We’ve never been the type of friends to call each other bff’s, besties or biffles. I just knew and it was so refreshing to share a Christmas moment with my oldest childhood friend.

Roxanne and I have come a long way, not necessarily together either. No matter what however, we’ve always been available for one another and I am proud to call her my best friend.

Anyway, I’ve worked like a crazy person and I think my body is taking it’s toll. I got sick two weeks back and I can feel another flu/cold coming on. It must be the change in weather too.

My mother is on her way now. I landed in TO at around 9 and got a call a few minutes after getting past security that she is on her way. I can’t wait till tomorrow evening so I can spend time with the kids and my step dad. Their presents are still under the tree which is still over flowing by the way. I’m not quite sure when I’ll be taking my decorations down. Ty is actually in Nova Scotia today! He flew in early this afternoon and I must admit… I wish he was home. Coming home to nothing is absolutely the worst feeling. Of course I had Oscar jumping up and down but I wanted a real hug!

I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas and I look forward to speaking with you guys! It has been too long!

Have a great night folks.


Phoenix, Arizona

Last night was bittersweet. Downside: Away from home. Upside: Time to clear my mind of all the negative from the past week.  Sometimes a good meltdown is needed.

As I arrived in Arizona I was brought back to my college days. During the summer after high school my mother gave me the choice to stay in Montreal or move to West Virginia with her and the rest of the family. Of course I decided to stay… I had too much to lose. I had Tyler, my recent admission into college and a stable job.

Forgive me if my grammar is brutal and the layout sucks. I am using my phone to post for the very first time. I have ten minutes left before my shuttle arrives but I feel the need to share my mind struggles.

Anyway, flashback 2 Christmas’ ago… It was my first Christmas with out my large family. No siblings and no grandparents. It felt good to share some quality time with dad but let’s be honest. Traditions are hard to part with, especially when it involves your siblings. It was a difficult year but Christmas really took a toll on me. I wasn’t ready to lose my family. Once the Christmas rush was finished at work I took a long drive to West Virginia and stayed for 2 weeks. It was the first time since convocation that I had seen my mom.

Later that year, mom discussed moving closer to home. It was too difficult to stay in touch and see each other. In the midst of all things… my step father was offered another contract but this time it was in Arizona. Just when I thought I’d spend NEXT Christmas with everyone they were considering Tucson.

Mom got on a flight to PHX. Visited for a week or so and fell in love. I was sure we would be doomed.

To make a long story short, they never ended up moving. The contract was taken by someone else and my step father had agreed to move closer.

Last night however, every emotion I had two years ago enveloped my heart while my current struggles over whelmed me. It’s funny… As I stepped out of the airport I thought to myself “Hmm… This is where mom would have been spending Christmas had the timing worked out”

I don’t know what this post was supposed to be about but unfortunate I am out of time. Five hour flight here I come. PHX-YYZ here I come. I can not wait to get home to Tyler! I need to cuddle and share what’s on my mind 🙂

Have a great day my friends…. till next time!


If I could fly to Geneva…

Tyler and I have been discussing a vacation for ages now. Today we added Geneva, Switzerland to our list of potential getaways. How does one even begin to plan a trip to a foreign country? I’ve obviously already searched every key word on google… But let’s face it. Trips and vacations are very expensive. We don’t want to miss anything! So far we’ve looked at the four main places we would like to visit in Switzerland and we are considering traveling to one of their neighbouring countries such as Germany, Italy, France or Austria.

We plan on taking a flight from Toronto, Canada to Geneva, Switzerland. Once we arrive in Geneva we would like to spend a couple of days visiting the most popular attractions. We would also like to take the time to explore local culture and eat great cheese!

I am looking forward to planning this potential vacation as I have a lot of catching up to do. Roxanne (my best friend) and I would love to visit Barcelona this coming summer and my grandmother and I may visit Rome this January.

If you guys have any tips in regards to travelling feel free to comment below! I need as much feedback as I can get! As you may know my typical travels consist of one day stays….


December Madness

It’s December 3rd, I have eaten almost 25 dark chocolate cordial cherries and a pile of candy canes. This entire losing weight process is killing me! One day I am doing great and the next … Well, I just explained my issue. Mind you, for the first time in a while that’s not what been what’s bugging me. I can’t put my finger on it either. I’m comfortable with my job… I have finally passed my probation. Money isn’t the greatest but after all we have hit our winter season.

I spent a wonderful time with my family over the course of the past two weeks. My siblings and I grew closer than ever in our short period of time! From picking them up at school and singing every song from the movie “Frozen” it was definitely time well spent. My mom and her friend Amanda turned out to be the best work out partners as we died of laughter with every crunch we tried to do. We tried this crazy ball exercise that killed our lower abdominal! Way to go girls!

My father came down to visit and we took a trip down to what is now known as “Greektown”. We had the BEST and I repeat BESSSST meal. We ordered greek fries, greek salad, octopus, spanakopita, tzatziki, cheese pie, pita and olive spread. We also ordered 3 Gyro’s without realizing just how much food we ordered. If you guys are ever in the GTAA, you should definitely check out Messini’s. Our entire bill turned costed $50.00. We were hoping to have some loukoumades… these amazing little honey treats however the restaurant didn’t serve dessert. We walked down a few blocks and ran across a pastry shop named “Athens Pastries”…Let me tell you they are thebombdotcom when it comes to traditional Macedonian treats! Toronto isn’t that bad after all. I am adapting slowly but surely.

I’m back to work in a few days…. I won’t be posting as much in December as my schedule is a little crazy. Turns out I didn’t get Christmas off. I am flying to Jamaica four days in a row! I switched it from my original pairing which included two layovers. One in Los Angeles and the other in Hawaii! I wanted to save Hawaii for Tyler and I.

I bought a new agenda for 2015. It is always exciting to fill in the first few pages. If your anything like me once you screw up however… the thrill fades away. I am looking organize myself as best as possible.