Tasty Foods has disappeared!

It had been 20 years since my dad had last stepped foot in Toronto! After living in Montreal for years there was no point in coming back. When you break it down every one we ever knew lived in Montreal! This Friday however,  he landed at 1:24 PM with the biggest smile! Six months have gone by without a visit and it sure has been lonnnnng! IMG_3046

While exploring the University area my dad once lived in & searched for his favourite restaurant… We realized just how important it was to cherish the little things you enjoy in life. After 20 years, Tasty Food had vanished, the Italian hang out spot …..long gone! The store front Dave & Dad used to moon people in front of …. know where to be seen!


We parked the car at Bloor and Spadina, as usual we hustled to find change to feed into that god-awful meter! Those thing’s drive me nuts! What’s the point in having a credit card option if it doesn’t work!!! Anyway! As we made our way down memory lane I observed my dad’s face turn into awe. Every corner looked the same but simply wasn’t! Memories of his first love, his long gone best friend and dogs!


Growing up I must have heard the story of Reilly and Offie at least 20 times as my dad reminisced on the best day’s of his life. He used to smile and laugh so gracefully as he shared the adventures of his youth! The dog’s running down the hall and pushing him out the window, the dog’s running down the street and jumping on the metro and last the moment my dad lost his hair. No, he is not bald based on this occasion but perhaps it was a start! He was all about peace love and hippie days! Barbara (his girlfriend at the time) asked him to cut his hair to an appropriate length however my dad hadn’t cut his hair in years! His eye’s filled with water as he walked down to the ONLY real barber shop there was and began to clip his being away! He described looking up and down the streets in hopes to find a spinning barber shop pin spinning with blue and red…  Boy… Those day’s sounded awesome!


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