Sparkling or Still Part II (Memeesmusings)

“What’s my take on the question, sparkling or still? Gosh, I don’t know. But your post does present a more pressing question to my mind: Does Tyler watch romantic movies when he is not with you? When he is missing you do they ease him and bring him comfort for your return? Just seems like there is something there worth exploring, asking about. Maybe not, maybe it is just how I read your words.

Tyler, input here? Why no romantic movies with your lady-love?”

I am so glad to share my thoughts with so many gifted people! All of you are extremely talented writers with a passion for sharing the usual and unusual. The beauty behind this wonderful concept roots from the private feedback we are each entitled to. No need to know each other personally or even know the whole story!

With that being said Memee has commented on my posts since day one, leaving behind some awesome feedback! A true blogger she is! Her story is one that each and every single one of us can relate to and that is exactly why I have decided to introduce you to her!

Above I listed the last comment she post and I must admit I questioned how I was supposed to answer that seeing I didn’t even know the answer. Let me give it a shot… (To familiarize yourself with this question I suggest reading my last post “Sparkling or Still” under Prompts)

Tyler like most men, adores anything fast paced, adventurous and/or including death. His favourite shows include The Walking Dead, Supernatural and my most approved The Vampire Diaries. (He even has his favourite couple!!!) 

He likes to pretend he  ***CANNOT STAND*** cheesy love flicks so I watch them alone in the early afternoon! If he arrives home before it’s finished however, I always have to pause it and explain what exactly is going, who the characters are and what’s about to happen! Why you may ask… Well my Romantic-movie-hating-boyfriend  always seems to find himself a really cozy spot between the couch and my arms for the duration of the film! Although he may not admit to it I know he enjoy’s some of MY type of movies!

Watching them on his own however… I don’t think so! I wish I could come home and catch him watching “A Night to Remember” or “Titanic” but chances are very slim … close to none!  I suppose I should clarify a statement from my last post… He doesn’t only NOT watch them with me… He would just prefer never watching them!

That doesn’t mean we don’t watch movies or enjoy ourselves! We do… We have our shared T.V shows and turns out we both love documentaries! I am pretty flexible when it comes to choosing a film (He wouldn’t say so lol) and he usually let’s me chose. Of course if it’s not suitable it doesn’t matter as he’ll just fall asleep! Ha!

Time to share… Does you significant other let you chose the movies, Do they refuse to watch a certain type? If so… Why do you think they do?

One comment

  1. Wow, Jasmine, I did not expect to inspire an entire post! And thank you for the introduction to your readers. I hope they find something useful in my posts. As i said, I am writing for me, but if I thoughts help other people not feel so alone in this world, it pleases me. Tyler sounds pretty awesome. Hope your first “real” Christmas is together is everything you want it to be.


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