Christmas Fever!

I have been obsessing over Christmas! Partially because it is going to be Tyler & I’s first Christmas living together & partially because I am excited to share it with my family! I am thrilled to go out and find my first Christmas tree! I have bought many of our decorations already but today I am going to finish it up! We have decided that our theme will be silver and blue. I have found inspiration on many different platforms such as Pinterest and Google. I am hoping to AWE! Tyler and everyone who walks into my little home!

Now one thing is left…. Schedule! I hope my bidding goes in accurately. I am praying that I can spend Christmas at home this year! The idea of being on an aircraft during the most anticipated holiday of the year is not something I am looking forward to! Unfortunately, I am on reserve the  22-23rd meaning should someone not be able to attend the flight I would be put on. Now, that wouldn’t be an issue if it guaranteed I could come home by the 24 or 25th however, we have long pairings that begin around that time! I could very much so end up in LA or Vegas alone for Christmas.

Thankfully, Ty will try to join me on whatever flight it is I may be working! What a sweetheart 🙂

What are you guys doing for Christmas? How are your tree’s going to decorated?


  1. My husband is in the army so we spend it together with our two boys. I haven’t made it home for major holidays in three years. This year will be my youngest first Christmas! We have most of our decorations since this will be Christmas number 4for my husband and I. I will spend this incoming month running around like a crazy person trying to get all tge last minute things my kids decide they want lol. Hope you have a great Christmas and you make it home!


    1. Thank you! I hope so too! I should be receiving my schedule today so that’s a start! Simply hoping that if I do have it off based on my schedule that it doesn’t change later lol! That’s amazing, I am so happy that you’ll be able to spend the holidays home for once! I hope you have the best Christmas and you are showered with love and appreciation! Kids, kids, kids! Gotta love how every commercial calls for screams that sound similar to : “Oh mom mom mom! Look at this! Come here ! Look this is what I want for Christmas!!! Awwww you missed it! You missed it” … 20 minutes later… “OHH LOOK ITS ON MOM ! THIS THIS THIS IS WHAT I WANT LOOOOOOOK!” Enjoy!


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