Dear Tyler,

Although I am hundreds of miles away from you… You are the closest to my heart!

Today’s daily prompt.. ( You know those little task’s I show you every now and then) was to write something out of the norm and in a complete different style. I hope I have nailed it! Here is my attempt to charm you while sharing with you this ever so new to me form of poetry!

I hope you enjoy! I love you.

Your passion ignites my heart with desire,

to grow, to learn, to love & inspire.

For you I wake so bright each day,

to share the price of love… I’ll pay.

A good investment… Yes, Indeed.

As you have lifted me right off my feet!



  1. Aww babe! 😀 wish you were home! It’s a wonderful poem. Remember all my cheesy poems a made you a while back? Haha love you!


    1. LOL! Easy… not quite! poetry is not something I am gifted with unfortunately! I wrote a billion lines on a piece of paper trying my best from haiku’s to acrostics and I failed each one! I challenge you to write a poem now! LOL Thank you for the compliment !


  2. I meant “heart”, it touched my heart. I will work on a poem. But I will tell you now, it will be prose. Rhyme makes poetry even more difficult. I’ll deliver something up for you next week. And if you don’t see it, poke me. 🙂

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