Dear Tyler,

Although I am hundreds of miles away from you… You are the closest to my heart!

Today’s daily prompt.. ( You know those little task’s I show you every now and then) was to write something out of the norm and in a complete different style. I hope I have nailed it! Here is my attempt to charm you while sharing with you this ever so new to me form of poetry!

I hope you enjoy! I love you.

Your passion ignites my heart with desire,

to grow, to learn, to love & inspire.

For you I wake so bright each day,

to share the price of love… I’ll pay.

A good investment… Yes, Indeed.

As you have lifted me right off my feet!



  1. Aww babe! πŸ˜€ wish you were home! It’s a wonderful poem. Remember all my cheesy poems a made you a while back? Haha love you!


    1. LOL! Easy… not quite! poetry is not something I am gifted with unfortunately! I wrote a billion lines on a piece of paper trying my best from haiku’s to acrostics and I failed each one! I challenge you to write a poem now! LOL Thank you for the compliment !


  2. I meant “heart”, it touched my heart. I will work on a poem. But I will tell you now, it will be prose. Rhyme makes poetry even more difficult. I’ll deliver something up for you next week. And if you don’t see it, poke me. πŸ™‚

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