Yesterday was pretty cool! While visiting my mom’s I literally blogged all day! I over heard Tyler explain to my mom a few days ago that ever since I started blogging I have been much more content and at peace with my life. I agree! Maybe it’s the wonderful people I encounter or perhaps its the uncensored blogs I post. Who knows…. What ever it is I have become addicted. On WordPress we have such an awesome community of bloggers there is absolutely no reason in giving up.

My biggest challenge as an amateur blogger is simply consistency! I have the urge to blog and post but I question whether  my content will be interesting enough. Yesterday however, I nailed it! I am so proud of my progress! Every thought I had, boring or not, lived up to my home page. I just posted, posted, posted!

I’d like to take a moment and reflect.

To my new followers:

Thank you!

Thank you for relating so much to my content you’ve decided to hop onto my little journey! Thank you for leaving comments and pressing the like button… By doing so I feel welcome to post more often and share my thoughts! Thank you for being loyal! Some of you have followed my blog since my first week with WordPress! You have seen my blog almost naked! I had barely and content, no background and no pictures! I hope sticking around has proved you right!

To commenters:

Thank you for you constructive criticism! As a new blogger, criticism is so very important! It allows you to be guided in the right direction! I must say I was afraid to post questions I had this time last month, however, with all your support I look forward to seeing “Community Pool” in my Reader! A lot of you have suggested changing up my navigation and allowing it to be more convenient for visitors. I have taken a closer look and you are absolutely right! Once I figure out how to apply my plan, we should be on the same page! Thank you for sticking around and sharing your thoughts! Secondly, some of you have pointed out Spell Checking prior to posting… Yes! I know… LOL. Unfortunately, if the computer doesn’t catch on to it…. I don’t either. My eyes tend to skip right by those typo’s and grammatical errors! If you have any suggestions in regards to this issue… Please feel free to post in the comments! Perhaps I can use a site?


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