Oh my Darling, Oh my Darling…..

The good ol’ days…

When Dad used to sing me songs and serve me pancakes.

When Mom used to braid my entire head.

When Dad used to bring us sledding regardless of how cold it was.

When Mom used to blast her music in the car while I joined her in the front seat.

When Dad used to wait in line for hours so he could gift me the BEST Avril Lavigne tickets.

When Mom used to take me on road trips to the states!

When Dad used to walk me to school every day!

When Mom brought me to my first day of high school!

When Dad bought an extra 20 tickets to my school play… Only so that my entire family could join!

When Mom and I walked the streets of Japan at 3 AM for candy.

When Dad yelled “GO JAZZ GO! KICK ASS! KEEP PADDLING! LET’S GO” the entire neighbourhood could hear!

When Mom, Oh so shy, agreed to bring welcome signs to the airport!

When Dad heard a boy at school tried to touch me…

When Mom heard I failed math!

When Dad realized I had a boyfriend and momma didn’t tell him!

When Mom used to tell me Forever 21 was for grown ups…

When Dad backed my cosmetology adventure.

When Mom bought 4 feet of Jean material so that we could open very own business!

When Dad bought a school bus for road trips !

When Mom & Dad encouraged me to follow my heart!

When I realized I had the best Mom & Dad!

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