At Home Work Outs…

Let’s face it… We spend more time searching for “At home workouts” than ACTUALLY working out at home.

This evening counts as the fourth gym day I skipped. No I don’t mean since I started this adventure, otherwise that number would be higher but more so consecutively.  I have been more aware of what I have been eating, however, I need to stick to my routine or at least create one. Once I finish this post, I plan on putting on my sports bra and running shoes… Mind you that might just might be enough to call it night! Pretty bad, Aye?

I know, I know….stick to it! I’m trying! I promise!

Okay… I lied! Setting up Netflix on mom’s laptop for the kids! I might get suckered into watching “How To Eat Fried Worms”

If only Tyler was here he would kick my ass and I would have already burned 400+ Calories.

I miss Tyler, It’s only been 24 Hours but it seems too long! Cant wait to see him next weekend!

My dad is finally going to come to Toronto and visit! I’m so anxious to spend time with him and have him show me “his” Toronto!

Till next time folks!

Time to do crunches!



    1. LOL! After my first visit I was so intimidated by all the people who knew exactly how to use very machine and had not one bit of fat …. Tyler (my boyfriend) had to literally drag me back! Thank god I have him to motivate me! If the gym is something your not comfortable with as I was in the beginning … Try T25 its a 25 minute workout in your home and trust me it work! My second time doing it I almost passed out!


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