3 Year Old Adventures!

I had waken up earlier than my parents. The cut outs of Winnie the Pooh surrounded my bedroom walls. The sun shined so bright thru my little balcony window I could tell summer would be great! As I opened my bedroom door I could feel my pee filled dipper weigh down my tiny body. I slipped my fingers between the velcro-like tabs and released myself from that warm torturous shell.

As I made my naked bum past the countless row’s of glass shelves and CD’s my eyes locked! My bottle…. I could use a nice bottle of milk! After all I didn’t have to wake anybody up! My mom must have placed it under our green leather couch with the intention to have me relax while cuddling with my big fat cat Jebolah. What a wonderful day!

I grabbed the remote from our coffee stained table and reached for my pink topped bottle! It was as thought it was perfectly planned. It was meant to be seen as it laid their in the golden sun. Finally, my hands gripped around that bottle in pure bliss. Nothing in my 3-year-old world could beat a nice HOT bottle!

I gulped down every ounce as quickly as I could! I was anxious and hungry. Too young to make Daddy’s Pancakes as I couldn’t even reach the counter. Eager to do everything on my own I turned on the T.V like a big girl and watched The Weather Network on channel 22.

My stomach started to grumble and my eyes filled with water. Something was moving in my stomach! The taste of throw up climbed my throat enveloping my mouth with paste. As I moved my tongue I could feel the cottage cheese explode out of my body! My breathing way congested with a hot foreign substance and the sound of an animal took over my vocal cords!

My parents rushed out of their bedroom in hopes to help me. I couldn’t stop throwing up, it felt as though I had an infinite amount of rotten milk just laying in my stomachs bed! A few more minutes passed and I swallowed large sips of water in hopes to clear my mouth of foul flavours! The elastic pulled my baby hairs out of my wet face finally allowing me to see!

I took a deep breath and held on tight to my moms hand!

She lifted my body off of the cold damp tiled floors. I felt better at last!

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