157 Lbs.

I have been staring at this blank page for about 15 minutes. Writer’s block has taken over my over active mind. So many ideas but none of them seem worthy of a post!

Tomorrow is my last flight until December 2nd. Based on my last vacation… your designated time off always goes by too quickly! I miss my family dearly. As the holidays role in I am becoming more and more anxious to spend time with the ones I love.

I have been a little on edge these past few days.

I weighed myself at the gym a few days ago and let me tell you the number that came up shocked me. My heaviest weight in the past 5 years has always been no more than 134 Lbs. Unfortunately over the course of the summer I suppose I picked up an additional 23 Lbs. I was looking forward to weighing myself after my second week at the gym. I had been eating healthier, drinking more water and well obviously being more active. Too bad my results sent me into bootcamp mode. I didn’t realize just how much weight I had gained.

On the aircraft the following day I had a battle with a can of Pringles…. Boy, they were calling my name. I’ve never had any type of addiction but in the moment it was so difficult not to just open it up and indulge. I was able to overcome my craving however it was not very pleasant explaining to my colleagues as to why I was speaking to myself and forbidding myself from that amazing little package from hell.


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