My Ideal Reader

That’s a really hard question! To be frank…I am stuck. When I first started blogging about a month ago I had no intention of making it public. Sure, my settings where not “private” but I didn’t advertise my blog and to be honest non of my friends really knew about it either. To this day I have yet to post it on Facebook the hub of my social media platforms! With over a thousand “friends” I’m sure I could get lots of feedback but deep down I don’t really want it. I feel connected here on WordPress, I feel like those who actually read and follow my blog can relate to me! It’s not just a simple Oh, I know you let me follow you type of follow.

My ideal reader is someone who isn’t just on my page because of a mutual friendship. I am more valuable than what Facebook, Twitter and so many other platforms make people to be. I have an opinion and I love to communicate! We all have our own difficulties in life and each and every single one of use deserves to have a voice. I don’t want to be at the top or bottom of someone’s news feed. I want to be friends! I want to socialize with people who I can relate to and share my confusion with! I want to share things that I have learned and perhaps ideas floating in the back of my mind.

I’d like to take this opportunity as a newbie blogger to invite each and every single person who remotely can relate on the journey of my blog.

I am looking forward to hearing back from who ever you are!


  1. Jasmine, It’s Memee again. Reading this it is like you are speaking from my soul. My family does not know, and only 3 friends know that I am blogging. The reality of it is that I am writing for me, not for others. I never post anything private or personal, political or religious on Facebook and l have less than five FB friends that I have never met, and yet, still it is just way to impersonal. Writing releases stresses and helps me to discover what I actually feel about something, in a more thoughtful and deeper way. Blogging aka sharing with others getting their sincere feedback, that helps me to feel like I am not so alone in the world. I am not the only one…

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    1. Writing for yourself is exactly why I am so addicted to WordPress and the second home feeling I get when I log in! My family has started to read my blog however I have yet to post it on Facebook! I have these urges to share it but in the same breath I hesitate because at the end of the day you guys relate to ME. Not the products I own, the food I eat… nothing else besides my feelings… my heart and my soul! thank you for being so supportive! I read this comment in my email a while back and respond but I don’t think it worked as I don’t see anything! If I am replying a second time pleaaaase take this as a double thank you! Have a great night
      Did you see the post “The Daily Post” posted today about bloging and it’s effects on the human body?!?! It is awesome! I thought of you & @shaelynch when I was reading this!


      1. I did not see that Daily Post… I will definately search it out as it does sound exactly like what I and so many other women are doing.

        I love that I have discovered this blogging world. It has opened up the Internet in ways I had no idea existed and is enriching my life each day I set the time aside to write or check in with each of you. I’m a big fan of your story. Looking forward to more 🙂


      2. Blogging has really changed my perspective on life! Words have become so much more important and i prioritize my life in a totally different way! Glad I can share that feeling with you and so many others!


  2. Love it! I too have been a little nervous about putting myself out there 😉 I’ve written secretly for years, my husband never even knew I was writing. It’s a big step to put your writing public! But Hon you do have a voice and from what I can tell it’s one you should share and be proud of. Anyway to find connections is good for the soul and personal growth. My only regret is that I waited so long. 😉 keep sharing !!

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    1. Putting yourself out there is so darn difficult! I am still reluctant when it comes to speaking about it! A factor I never reviewed when I first started blogging was simply that most of my family… Parents, Aunts & Uncles don’t even know what a blog is! My parents have to be navigated to the internet page, URL slot and so on before ever even realizing its my virtual journal and website! It was difficult to share in that aspect. It was also difficult to share on an emotional level as everyone pictured me as perfectly fine going about my daily life. Little did they know … My daily life wasn’t really working in my favour! Thank you for being so motivational and encouraging ! It is people like you I appreciate in life! Your kind words have truly pushed me to keep blogging in the past month! I hope you’ve enjoyed… I know I have grown so very much in such a short time! The appreciation I have for all things little has sky-rocketed! As I mentioned to @memmethemuse I apparently didn’t send my reply to your comment via email therefor I hope this response is even better seeing it’s been a few weeks and you both encouraged me so much!
      Have a great night !

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