The Spice of Success

Daily Prompt: If “failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor” (Truman Capote), how spicy do you like your success stories?

Hmmm. Failure. The question is not how spicy you like it but what exactly makes it spicy in the first place. I juggled this prompt all day to tell you the truth. I love the quote because it’s something I believe everyone can relate to however I question how much we’d relate to one another if we evaluated what it actually meant to us.

Success is measured in so many ways. Some are strange and well others are just plain out of the norm. Norm being another debatable topic of course. This quote takes me back to my sociology days. I once had a professor ask our class what success meant to us. As I’m sure you predicted…a heated debate began very quickly. People’s religion was brought into discussion, ethnicity and even gender. Just as it was very difficult to measure success we concluded that failure was just as difficult. Now, In my opinion for one to truly understand someone’s supposed failure you’d have to share certain beliefs, up bringing and of course morals.

In my house hold education was very important but definitely not an obligation. I chose to go to college and study the program I wanted. When my life path changed my loved loved ones  were more than willing to support my new aspirations. Some people I’ve run into look surprised and disappointed that I’m not pursuing my education immediately and that’s what brings me to my next point.

Growing up we have so much pressure on us to make the right decision because in theory it will change our life. “What do you want to do next year? What school do you want to attend? Get the grades so you can be accepted to a better school! We will pay don’t worry, just stay in school” I have heard it all and experienced every single one of those comments and let me tell you. Sure, I could study archeology for 4 years but will I have a job when I done. Absolutely not. There is simply no demand. Sure, I’ll stay in school since your paying but guess what I just realized I hate this program and I would kill myself before taking on a related job. Sure, I’ll pick a program since the deadline is March 1st… I’ve got so much time to change my mind. NOT. Sure, I’ll get the grades but I wouldn’t bet on me if it came down to getting on that dean’s list because let’s face it. Every other kid who just earned the prerequisite grades will be just as eager and competitive come this time next year.

So many things unfortunately are based on what people consider norms & for that… I blame society. Why? For being so damn hard on us. For making innocent, kind, loving people feel useless. For making someone just as capable as another but only rewarding/recognizing one of those people. For making people fight, lie and kill to prove there respect or dedication. I wish that people could see failure as a learning experience and value the positive it brings in life.It may not seem all great at first but while juggling this prompt today I concluded there was nothing major in my life I’d consider to have failed at. Each and every single thing that devastated me at the time is no longer in the same spectrum. I have learned from it, encountered similar situations and grown exponentially with every issue I over came. I hope that one day I could help someone realize that failure is just a word. I also hope that the next time I feel like giving up I remember this prompt and I am guided in the right direction.

My mom used to tell me to tell the mean kids at school that “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. I believe everyone should live by that. Be yourself, follow your heart and what ever you do just keep on smiling.


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