Why am I here.

I’m not quite sure why I blog, for little while I kept a journal in my lunch box and every opportunity I had I would write in it. Never anything witty or creative simply the way my day unfolded and how I felt. I’ve never enjoyed writing before. Growing up I remember my teacher asking us what we wanted to be when we got older. I wanted to be a lawyer. I wanted to argue and prove points. I wanted to be bossy and demanding. I wanted control. Maybe that rooted from never being the popular girl or perhaps the way I always felt like an outcast from birthday parties and after school activities. Who knows…

Writing used to be tedious and unrewarding. It was something that was graded by one person who never really shared your point of view. I used to enjoy vocally communicating, writing took too much effort. Now a days I want to teach. However my biggest challenge is going back to school. I recently moved out of my parents and let’s be honest I don’t want to be that big sister that moved back in. I love living on my own and having my best friend with me. If you guys haven’t read my blog I just recently celebrated my fifth anniversary with my high school sweet heart! Five years and counting.

Essentially this post is supposed to give you an insight as to “Who I am and Why I’m Here…”. I could always say “Hi, I’m Jasmine. I’m 19 years old and live in Toronto. I grew up in Montreal and I am bilingual. I have a dog named Oscar and four other family dogs. I love my boyfriend Tyler & I spend most of my time on a plane.” mind you that isn’t WHO I am. That is in a nut shell what my life is surrounded by. Yes, Some of these thing make me who I am in the long run but I simply can not put my finger on it.

My parents argue as to who chose my name but to cut it short Jasmine is a flower. At the time my name was unique and my parents both loved it. Im 19 but I don’t feel like it! Growing up I’ve always been ahead of my years. I still love being a kid and watching Saturday morning cartoons or jumping on a trampoline. If I had a pool in my ward I think I may turn into a mermaid! I’ve always been in love with the water. Fun fact: I love water but if for whatever reason I can’t see the bottom I refuse to even put my toes in. Growing up I would hesitate swimming near a dock because I felt like water witches would pull me under and sometimes I felt like the invisible pool sharks would come and eat me if I were alone! Montreal will always be home to me. On my first drive back my eyes filled with water as each exit we passed held a childhood memory. Oscar is my little old puppy. He’s 3 in human years but looks like an old man. He’s a miniature black poodle with a white beard. Our personalities are very similar as he can play of hours but still act responsible. Tyler and I, well you read it earlier he’s the love of my life. Last I’m always on a plane going to different countries. Fun fact: I’ve travelled to numerous places but I have only been to 4 places with my loved ones.  Before becoming a Flight Attendant I had only been on a plane twice. Once to Vancouver and once to Japan. Otherwise we did road trips.

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