Month: November 2014

Winning Streak

“Winning Streak.”

Daily Prompt: What’s the longest stretch you’ve ever pulled off of posting daily to your blog? What did you learn about blogging through that achievement, and what made you break the streak?

Last week marks my “BEST” blogging week! I managed to blog all week while staying involved in my daily adventure! I blogged 6-7 days consecutively. I learned that blogging was for myself,  I was reminded that I started blogging for myself and although I was proud of my achievement… It was not my original intention. My intention was to keep my blog personal and true to my heart, which is why I took a week off!  I took time to develop my thoughts and filter them.

Tasty Foods has disappeared!

It had been 20 years since my dad had last stepped foot in Toronto! After living in Montreal for years there was no point in coming back. When you break it down every one we ever knew lived in Montreal! This Friday however,  he landed at 1:24 PM with the biggest smile! Six months have gone by without a visit and it sure has been lonnnnng! IMG_3046

While exploring the University area my dad once lived in & searched for his favourite restaurant… We realized just how important it was to cherish the little things you enjoy in life. After 20 years, Tasty Food had vanished, the Italian hang out spot …..long gone! The store front Dave & Dad used to moon people in front of …. know where to be seen!


We parked the car at Bloor and Spadina, as usual we hustled to find change to feed into that god-awful meter! Those thing’s drive me nuts! What’s the point in having a credit card option if it doesn’t work!!! Anyway! As we made our way down memory lane I observed my dad’s face turn into awe. Every corner looked the same but simply wasn’t! Memories of his first love, his long gone best friend and dogs!


Growing up I must have heard the story of Reilly and Offie at least 20 times as my dad reminisced on the best day’s of his life. He used to smile and laugh so gracefully as he shared the adventures of his youth! The dog’s running down the hall and pushing him out the window, the dog’s running down the street and jumping on the metro and last the moment my dad lost his hair. No, he is not bald based on this occasion but perhaps it was a start! He was all about peace love and hippie days! Barbara (his girlfriend at the time) asked him to cut his hair to an appropriate length however my dad hadn’t cut his hair in years! His eye’s filled with water as he walked down to the ONLY real barber shop there was and began to clip his being away! He described looking up and down the streets in hopes to find a spinning barber shop pin spinning with blue and red…  Boy… Those day’s sounded awesome!


Christmas Fever!

I have been obsessing over Christmas! Partially because it is going to be Tyler & I’s first Christmas living together & partially because I am excited to share it with my family! I am thrilled to go out and find my first Christmas tree! I have bought many of our decorations already but today I am going to finish it up! We have decided that our theme will be silver and blue. I have found inspiration on many different platforms such as Pinterest and Google. I am hoping to AWE! Tyler and everyone who walks into my little home!

Now one thing is left…. Schedule! I hope my bidding goes in accurately. I am praying that I can spend Christmas at home this year! The idea of being on an aircraft during the most anticipated holiday of the year is not something I am looking forward to! Unfortunately, I am on reserve the  22-23rd meaning should someone not be able to attend the flight I would be put on. Now, that wouldn’t be an issue if it guaranteed I could come home by the 24 or 25th however, we have long pairings that begin around that time! I could very much so end up in LA or Vegas alone for Christmas.

Thankfully, Ty will try to join me on whatever flight it is I may be working! What a sweetheart 🙂

What are you guys doing for Christmas? How are your tree’s going to decorated?

Sparkling or Still Part II (Memeesmusings)

“What’s my take on the question, sparkling or still? Gosh, I don’t know. But your post does present a more pressing question to my mind: Does Tyler watch romantic movies when he is not with you? When he is missing you do they ease him and bring him comfort for your return? Just seems like there is something there worth exploring, asking about. Maybe not, maybe it is just how I read your words.

Tyler, input here? Why no romantic movies with your lady-love?”

I am so glad to share my thoughts with so many gifted people! All of you are extremely talented writers with a passion for sharing the usual and unusual. The beauty behind this wonderful concept roots from the private feedback we are each entitled to. No need to know each other personally or even know the whole story!

With that being said Memee has commented on my posts since day one, leaving behind some awesome feedback! A true blogger she is! Her story is one that each and every single one of us can relate to and that is exactly why I have decided to introduce you to her!

Above I listed the last comment she post and I must admit I questioned how I was supposed to answer that seeing I didn’t even know the answer. Let me give it a shot… (To familiarize yourself with this question I suggest reading my last post “Sparkling or Still” under Prompts)

Tyler like most men, adores anything fast paced, adventurous and/or including death. His favourite shows include The Walking Dead, Supernatural and my most approved The Vampire Diaries. (He even has his favourite couple!!!) 

He likes to pretend he  ***CANNOT STAND*** cheesy love flicks so I watch them alone in the early afternoon! If he arrives home before it’s finished however, I always have to pause it and explain what exactly is going, who the characters are and what’s about to happen! Why you may ask… Well my Romantic-movie-hating-boyfriend  always seems to find himself a really cozy spot between the couch and my arms for the duration of the film! Although he may not admit to it I know he enjoy’s some of MY type of movies!

Watching them on his own however… I don’t think so! I wish I could come home and catch him watching “A Night to Remember” or “Titanic” but chances are very slim … close to none!  I suppose I should clarify a statement from my last post… He doesn’t only NOT watch them with me… He would just prefer never watching them!

That doesn’t mean we don’t watch movies or enjoy ourselves! We do… We have our shared T.V shows and turns out we both love documentaries! I am pretty flexible when it comes to choosing a film (He wouldn’t say so lol) and he usually let’s me chose. Of course if it’s not suitable it doesn’t matter as he’ll just fall asleep! Ha!

Time to share… Does you significant other let you chose the movies, Do they refuse to watch a certain type? If so… Why do you think they do?

Sparkling or Still…

Daily Prompt: “Sparkling or Still.”

What’s your idea of a perfect day off: one during which you can quietly relax, doing nothing, or one with one fun activity lined up after the other? Tell us how you’d spend your time.

The prefect day doesn’t exist!

Pessimistic… I’m not. Realistic… Perhaps!

I recently received a comment on one of my blog post’s stating that “Expectations will only let you down when they are not met. Let the only person who can ever let you down be yourself.” ( & I must admit I agree! While someday’s we try our hardest to create/plan the most amazing day and others they just happen why set yourself up for potential failure… Of course the effort pans out in the long run however the disappointment we encounter when things don’t go our way…stings even more than anything I have ever failed at. Disappointment is terrifying! Especially if it involves people you love so dearly.

Tyler has worked so hard lately in attempt to earn money for pilot school. He took on Saturday shifts and leaves himself one day to cook, clean and prepare for the next week! I am so very proud of him as I know the struggle he is facing. Constantly being told you can’t do something while trying your absolute best can tear someone apart! With that being said the perfect day for Tyler would be running into the right financial support regardless of any other misfortune that may have occurred that day! After a long days work however… Sleeping in an a Saturday sounds pretty appealing!

Myself on the other hand, I would love to spend a quality time day with all my loved ones! I’d love to just cuddle, watch ROMANTIC movies… ( I capitalize that because Tyler only likes watching comedies while with me) and perhaps have a spa day. When I consider my long term goals I wish I could just fast forward!

What’s your take on this question?

Dear Tyler,

Although I am hundreds of miles away from you… You are the closest to my heart!

Today’s daily prompt.. ( You know those little task’s I show you every now and then) was to write something out of the norm and in a complete different style. I hope I have nailed it! Here is my attempt to charm you while sharing with you this ever so new to me form of poetry!

I hope you enjoy! I love you.

Your passion ignites my heart with desire,

to grow, to learn, to love & inspire.

For you I wake so bright each day,

to share the price of love… I’ll pay.

A good investment… Yes, Indeed.

As you have lifted me right off my feet!


& the schooling begins!

I am excited guys! For those of you who know me personally, you would know that I left college to move closer to my mother. I encountered a few issues as my Quebec marks did not transfer over correctly. When I moved back to Montreal I attended night school in hopes of returning into my original program. Once I applied for the job I currently have as a flight attendant I dropped out to pursue my current goal.

After all said and done… It took four years to figure out what it was I wanted to do with my life. I’ve set my goal in stone and I am now on a mission to complete it! First however, I need to re-do some of my high school courses in order to obtain the right credits! I plan on being able to apply to University by next March & start in the fall. Oh my…. I’m so excited I forgot to mention what it was I wanted to do …. Duh! I’m so silly. I want to become a teacher! I want to teach elementary school as some of my best memories were created in my bright blue classroom!

So here’s how it’s going to work! In the next few days I will receive my placement mark. I will either complete grade 10 and 11 all over again…or simply do Grade 11. Once I complete those two grades I will have the opportunity to finally do my Grade 12  which will give me the prerequisites to go to University. I am looking forward to starting this adventure as it will not be simple!

I currently live and work out of Toronto however I will be completing this course in Ottawa. My program only runs Tuesday and Thursday between 8AM-12PM therefore I will need to fly in and out of the city weekly!

With the help of my fellow blogger friends I am sure I will be able to handle this task!

Wishing you guys an absolutely great day !!!


Oh my Darling, Oh my Darling…..

The good ol’ days…

When Dad used to sing me songs and serve me pancakes.

When Mom used to braid my entire head.

When Dad used to bring us sledding regardless of how cold it was.

When Mom used to blast her music in the car while I joined her in the front seat.

When Dad used to wait in line for hours so he could gift me the BEST Avril Lavigne tickets.

When Mom used to take me on road trips to the states!

When Dad used to walk me to school every day!

When Mom brought me to my first day of high school!

When Dad bought an extra 20 tickets to my school play… Only so that my entire family could join!

When Mom and I walked the streets of Japan at 3 AM for candy.

When Dad yelled “GO JAZZ GO! KICK ASS! KEEP PADDLING! LET’S GO” the entire neighbourhood could hear!

When Mom, Oh so shy, agreed to bring welcome signs to the airport!

When Dad heard a boy at school tried to touch me…

When Mom heard I failed math!

When Dad realized I had a boyfriend and momma didn’t tell him!

When Mom used to tell me Forever 21 was for grown ups…

When Dad backed my cosmetology adventure.

When Mom bought 4 feet of Jean material so that we could open very own business!

When Dad bought a school bus for road trips !

When Mom & Dad encouraged me to follow my heart!

When I realized I had the best Mom & Dad!


Yesterday was pretty cool! While visiting my mom’s I literally blogged all day! I over heard Tyler explain to my mom a few days ago that ever since I started blogging I have been much more content and at peace with my life. I agree! Maybe it’s the wonderful people I encounter or perhaps its the uncensored blogs I post. Who knows…. What ever it is I have become addicted. On WordPress we have such an awesome community of bloggers there is absolutely no reason in giving up.

My biggest challenge as an amateur blogger is simply consistency! I have the urge to blog and post but I question whether  my content will be interesting enough. Yesterday however, I nailed it! I am so proud of my progress! Every thought I had, boring or not, lived up to my home page. I just posted, posted, posted!

I’d like to take a moment and reflect.

To my new followers:

Thank you!

Thank you for relating so much to my content you’ve decided to hop onto my little journey! Thank you for leaving comments and pressing the like button… By doing so I feel welcome to post more often and share my thoughts! Thank you for being loyal! Some of you have followed my blog since my first week with WordPress! You have seen my blog almost naked! I had barely and content, no background and no pictures! I hope sticking around has proved you right!

To commenters:

Thank you for you constructive criticism! As a new blogger, criticism is so very important! It allows you to be guided in the right direction! I must say I was afraid to post questions I had this time last month, however, with all your support I look forward to seeing “Community Pool” in my Reader! A lot of you have suggested changing up my navigation and allowing it to be more convenient for visitors. I have taken a closer look and you are absolutely right! Once I figure out how to apply my plan, we should be on the same page! Thank you for sticking around and sharing your thoughts! Secondly, some of you have pointed out Spell Checking prior to posting… Yes! I know… LOL. Unfortunately, if the computer doesn’t catch on to it…. I don’t either. My eyes tend to skip right by those typo’s and grammatical errors! If you have any suggestions in regards to this issue… Please feel free to post in the comments! Perhaps I can use a site?


At Home Work Outs…

Let’s face it… We spend more time searching for “At home workouts” than ACTUALLY working out at home.

This evening counts as the fourth gym day I skipped. No I don’t mean since I started this adventure, otherwise that number would be higher but more so consecutively.  I have been more aware of what I have been eating, however, I need to stick to my routine or at least create one. Once I finish this post, I plan on putting on my sports bra and running shoes… Mind you that might just might be enough to call it night! Pretty bad, Aye?

I know, I know….stick to it! I’m trying! I promise!

Okay… I lied! Setting up Netflix on mom’s laptop for the kids! I might get suckered into watching “How To Eat Fried Worms”

If only Tyler was here he would kick my ass and I would have already burned 400+ Calories.

I miss Tyler, It’s only been 24 Hours but it seems too long! Cant wait to see him next weekend!

My dad is finally going to come to Toronto and visit! I’m so anxious to spend time with him and have him show me “his” Toronto!

Till next time folks!

Time to do crunches!


Hearty Cream of Broccoli Soup

Recently I have been soup crazy! As my mission to loose weight escalades so does my healthy food diet. These recipes are obviously not the absolute healthiest but it does insure that I’m eating my vegetables and eating in moderation. I have done some research into new blenders since mine recently cracked. I think I might go with the Magic Bullet until I can dish some spare cash towards the Vitamix. 

Moving on to Broccoli Heaven…


You will need:

1 Full Broccoli

2 Garlic Cloves

1 Tbs of Butter

4 Cups of Milk

2 Cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup

1 Pack of Fresh Mushrooms

How to:

1. Cut the broccoli including the stems into small pieces.

2. Once cut, bowl on high for about 10 minutes or until soft.

3. Drain and add to blender.

4. Add chopped garlic cloves, mushrooms, butter and milk.

5. Blend until smooth.

6. Pour the blenders content in a pot at a medium heat.

7. Mix in the Mushroom soup cans.

8. Once properly mixed and heated… Time to serve!

For an additional YUM! serve with Breton Original Crackers and fresh ground pepper!

3 Year Old Adventures!

I had waken up earlier than my parents. The cut outs of Winnie the Pooh surrounded my bedroom walls. The sun shined so bright thru my little balcony window I could tell summer would be great! As I opened my bedroom door I could feel my pee filled dipper weigh down my tiny body. I slipped my fingers between the velcro-like tabs and released myself from that warm torturous shell.

As I made my naked bum past the countless row’s of glass shelves and CD’s my eyes locked! My bottle…. I could use a nice bottle of milk! After all I didn’t have to wake anybody up! My mom must have placed it under our green leather couch with the intention to have me relax while cuddling with my big fat cat Jebolah. What a wonderful day!

I grabbed the remote from our coffee stained table and reached for my pink topped bottle! It was as thought it was perfectly planned. It was meant to be seen as it laid their in the golden sun. Finally, my hands gripped around that bottle in pure bliss. Nothing in my 3-year-old world could beat a nice HOT bottle!

I gulped down every ounce as quickly as I could! I was anxious and hungry. Too young to make Daddy’s Pancakes as I couldn’t even reach the counter. Eager to do everything on my own I turned on the T.V like a big girl and watched The Weather Network on channel 22.

My stomach started to grumble and my eyes filled with water. Something was moving in my stomach! The taste of throw up climbed my throat enveloping my mouth with paste. As I moved my tongue I could feel the cottage cheese explode out of my body! My breathing way congested with a hot foreign substance and the sound of an animal took over my vocal cords!

My parents rushed out of their bedroom in hopes to help me. I couldn’t stop throwing up, it felt as though I had an infinite amount of rotten milk just laying in my stomachs bed! A few more minutes passed and I swallowed large sips of water in hopes to clear my mouth of foul flavours! The elastic pulled my baby hairs out of my wet face finally allowing me to see!

I took a deep breath and held on tight to my moms hand!

She lifted my body off of the cold damp tiled floors. I felt better at last!

157 Lbs.

I have been staring at this blank page for about 15 minutes. Writer’s block has taken over my over active mind. So many ideas but none of them seem worthy of a post!

Tomorrow is my last flight until December 2nd. Based on my last vacation… your designated time off always goes by too quickly! I miss my family dearly. As the holidays role in I am becoming more and more anxious to spend time with the ones I love.

I have been a little on edge these past few days.

I weighed myself at the gym a few days ago and let me tell you the number that came up shocked me. My heaviest weight in the past 5 years has always been no more than 134 Lbs. Unfortunately over the course of the summer I suppose I picked up an additional 23 Lbs. I was looking forward to weighing myself after my second week at the gym. I had been eating healthier, drinking more water and well obviously being more active. Too bad my results sent me into bootcamp mode. I didn’t realize just how much weight I had gained.

On the aircraft the following day I had a battle with a can of Pringles…. Boy, they were calling my name. I’ve never had any type of addiction but in the moment it was so difficult not to just open it up and indulge. I was able to overcome my craving however it was not very pleasant explaining to my colleagues as to why I was speaking to myself and forbidding myself from that amazing little package from hell.


Studying for Beginners…

By now we should all know how to study however our methods do not always give us the right results! You will need to study for numerous things in life & understanding how to do so successfully is very important. From what I recollect I wasn’t the studious type in high school. It wasn’t until I reached college that I realize it was time to get my stuff together. I never did bad in high school but I know I could have done better.

1. Keeping track of your progress…

Yes, Sometimes that is hard task however this is a crucial key to success. Whether it’s your grades or a recipe we all love feedback. In college we had an online program that our teachers could post our grades on. They would allow us to check are own grades and set higher goals. We could actually understand and predict a future grade based on one assignment. This was genius because it was an incentive to do better! Rather then waiting in a classroom for an exam, you could share your mark with your family at 7pm over dinner! It was always so exciting! Being able to track my progress made me feel engaged with the course I was taking. Based on the value of an assignment and a grade I received I was able to breakdown when and where I went wrong.

Maybe creating your own chart could help you reach a little higher!

2. 20 Minute Study Session

Sometimes we leave studying till the very last-minute. Of course we all have our own reasons however it is no reason to give up. My best results always seemed to present themselves when I studied in intervals! I would study for 20-30 minutes and ask my dad to listen to me explain what it was I was studying. Regurgitating all the important information allowed me to keep it fresh in my memory. My dad would build up a conversation with me and we would end up sharing our opinions on the topic. This would help me attach current thoughts with theories and historical events I may have not been familiar with.

3. Visually Appeal

I am a very visual person therefore studying facts and dates was never my forte. Using highlighters, coloured pens and cool note books always helped me. My parents never understood this but it allowed me to be entertained with subjects I may have never wanted to learn about. When it came time to study I would create myself study sheets filled with doodles and neat writing!

4. Acronyms 

The best thing that ever happened. I used different acronyms I created while studying to remember key concepts and sequences. I still to this day remember to this day the key words used in my Western History Mid term based on the acronym PPP which stood for the 3 significant wars in greek history. The Peloponnesian War, Persian War and Punic War! Crazy… considering I learned that almost 3 years ago!

5. Proper Notes

Note taking is so important. If you do not know how to it is time to learn. If your teacher provides you with notes don’t depend on them having all the important details. Most power points and slide shows include only the topics and key words. It is used as a reference therefore copying each slide won’t help you nor will only having the printed notes. Use a notebook wisely. Always include a date and chapter if it applies. Being organized is key. Anything not included in the presentation should be written down as well as stories that would help you remember. It is okay if you don’t have each bit jotted. If you reference in accordance you will be able to build on your points by memory!


Seriously? What use does that have. Only highlight key words, subjects and themes. This will allow you to find answers more efficiently. Your highlighted context should be reference points not “to study later” points. A whole page may seem important but it is your task to break it down and realize why it is important. Having a pen and paper near will help you reiterate exactly what it is you want to remember without ruining your textbook! Highlighting often creates a blur! it takes away from things you may need to understand more! Be careful.

If you have any tricks that helped you study, feel free to leave a comment bellow! I may include it in a future post!

Don’t let StuDYING bring you down!


Cream of Tomato & Carrot Soup

As winter roles in so does the hot chocolate, candles and soup! Couch throws become a part of my daily dose of relaxation while eating becomes more and more time-consuming! A few days ago I incorporated one of my dad’s household favourites to my new home!


My dad is infamous for turning leftovers into soup!

Nothing is ever wasted at his house and I would love to follow in his foot steps!

Here’s a little concoction I whipped up a few day’s ago!



2 Cans of Diced Tomatoes

4 Large Carrots

1 Onion

1 Tbs.Olive Oil



Fresh Oregano

Fresh Basil

How to:

1. Grate all the carrots into a blender.

2. Add the diced tomatoes,Onion and Olive oil.

3. Blend.

4. Use a spoon to mix the ingredients from time to time. This ensures all the vegetables are properly blended.

5. Turn on stove top to medium temperature. Pour soup into a pot and mix slowly until heated.

6. In a small bowl whisk together a little colour and milk. This will allow you to turn your soup into a cream based soup. Make sure you the final result is not too thick. It should be very runny and can easily be mixed.

7. SLOWLY…. Incorporate into soup. Once you’ve reached desired flavour dispose remaining mix.

8. Let cook for about 30 mins.

Ready to be served!

My Ideal Reader

That’s a really hard question! To be frank…I am stuck. When I first started blogging about a month ago I had no intention of making it public. Sure, my settings where not “private” but I didn’t advertise my blog and to be honest non of my friends really knew about it either. To this day I have yet to post it on Facebook the hub of my social media platforms! With over a thousand “friends” I’m sure I could get lots of feedback but deep down I don’t really want it. I feel connected here on WordPress, I feel like those who actually read and follow my blog can relate to me! It’s not just a simple Oh, I know you let me follow you type of follow.

My ideal reader is someone who isn’t just on my page because of a mutual friendship. I am more valuable than what Facebook, Twitter and so many other platforms make people to be. I have an opinion and I love to communicate! We all have our own difficulties in life and each and every single one of use deserves to have a voice. I don’t want to be at the top or bottom of someone’s news feed. I want to be friends! I want to socialize with people who I can relate to and share my confusion with! I want to share things that I have learned and perhaps ideas floating in the back of my mind.

I’d like to take this opportunity as a newbie blogger to invite each and every single person who remotely can relate on the journey of my blog.

I am looking forward to hearing back from who ever you are!


The Spice of Success

Daily Prompt: If “failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor” (Truman Capote), how spicy do you like your success stories?

Hmmm. Failure. The question is not how spicy you like it but what exactly makes it spicy in the first place. I juggled this prompt all day to tell you the truth. I love the quote because it’s something I believe everyone can relate to however I question how much we’d relate to one another if we evaluated what it actually meant to us.

Success is measured in so many ways. Some are strange and well others are just plain out of the norm. Norm being another debatable topic of course. This quote takes me back to my sociology days. I once had a professor ask our class what success meant to us. As I’m sure you predicted…a heated debate began very quickly. People’s religion was brought into discussion, ethnicity and even gender. Just as it was very difficult to measure success we concluded that failure was just as difficult. Now, In my opinion for one to truly understand someone’s supposed failure you’d have to share certain beliefs, up bringing and of course morals.

In my house hold education was very important but definitely not an obligation. I chose to go to college and study the program I wanted. When my life path changed my loved loved ones  were more than willing to support my new aspirations. Some people I’ve run into look surprised and disappointed that I’m not pursuing my education immediately and that’s what brings me to my next point.

Growing up we have so much pressure on us to make the right decision because in theory it will change our life. “What do you want to do next year? What school do you want to attend? Get the grades so you can be accepted to a better school! We will pay don’t worry, just stay in school” I have heard it all and experienced every single one of those comments and let me tell you. Sure, I could study archeology for 4 years but will I have a job when I done. Absolutely not. There is simply no demand. Sure, I’ll stay in school since your paying but guess what I just realized I hate this program and I would kill myself before taking on a related job. Sure, I’ll pick a program since the deadline is March 1st… I’ve got so much time to change my mind. NOT. Sure, I’ll get the grades but I wouldn’t bet on me if it came down to getting on that dean’s list because let’s face it. Every other kid who just earned the prerequisite grades will be just as eager and competitive come this time next year.

So many things unfortunately are based on what people consider norms & for that… I blame society. Why? For being so damn hard on us. For making innocent, kind, loving people feel useless. For making someone just as capable as another but only rewarding/recognizing one of those people. For making people fight, lie and kill to prove there respect or dedication. I wish that people could see failure as a learning experience and value the positive it brings in life.It may not seem all great at first but while juggling this prompt today I concluded there was nothing major in my life I’d consider to have failed at. Each and every single thing that devastated me at the time is no longer in the same spectrum. I have learned from it, encountered similar situations and grown exponentially with every issue I over came. I hope that one day I could help someone realize that failure is just a word. I also hope that the next time I feel like giving up I remember this prompt and I am guided in the right direction.

My mom used to tell me to tell the mean kids at school that “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. I believe everyone should live by that. Be yourself, follow your heart and what ever you do just keep on smiling.


Why am I here.

I’m not quite sure why I blog, for little while I kept a journal in my lunch box and every opportunity I had I would write in it. Never anything witty or creative simply the way my day unfolded and how I felt. I’ve never enjoyed writing before. Growing up I remember my teacher asking us what we wanted to be when we got older. I wanted to be a lawyer. I wanted to argue and prove points. I wanted to be bossy and demanding. I wanted control. Maybe that rooted from never being the popular girl or perhaps the way I always felt like an outcast from birthday parties and after school activities. Who knows…

Writing used to be tedious and unrewarding. It was something that was graded by one person who never really shared your point of view. I used to enjoy vocally communicating, writing took too much effort. Now a days I want to teach. However my biggest challenge is going back to school. I recently moved out of my parents and let’s be honest I don’t want to be that big sister that moved back in. I love living on my own and having my best friend with me. If you guys haven’t read my blog I just recently celebrated my fifth anniversary with my high school sweet heart! Five years and counting.

Essentially this post is supposed to give you an insight as to “Who I am and Why I’m Here…”. I could always say “Hi, I’m Jasmine. I’m 19 years old and live in Toronto. I grew up in Montreal and I am bilingual. I have a dog named Oscar and four other family dogs. I love my boyfriend Tyler & I spend most of my time on a plane.” mind you that isn’t WHO I am. That is in a nut shell what my life is surrounded by. Yes, Some of these thing make me who I am in the long run but I simply can not put my finger on it.

My parents argue as to who chose my name but to cut it short Jasmine is a flower. At the time my name was unique and my parents both loved it. Im 19 but I don’t feel like it! Growing up I’ve always been ahead of my years. I still love being a kid and watching Saturday morning cartoons or jumping on a trampoline. If I had a pool in my ward I think I may turn into a mermaid! I’ve always been in love with the water. Fun fact: I love water but if for whatever reason I can’t see the bottom I refuse to even put my toes in. Growing up I would hesitate swimming near a dock because I felt like water witches would pull me under and sometimes I felt like the invisible pool sharks would come and eat me if I were alone! Montreal will always be home to me. On my first drive back my eyes filled with water as each exit we passed held a childhood memory. Oscar is my little old puppy. He’s 3 in human years but looks like an old man. He’s a miniature black poodle with a white beard. Our personalities are very similar as he can play of hours but still act responsible. Tyler and I, well you read it earlier he’s the love of my life. Last I’m always on a plane going to different countries. Fun fact: I’ve travelled to numerous places but I have only been to 4 places with my loved ones.  Before becoming a Flight Attendant I had only been on a plane twice. Once to Vancouver and once to Japan. Otherwise we did road trips.

Who am I ?

Who you are is not defined by what you do but why you do it. I feel like that should and could be a quote!

Let me know if it is below.

I am… Jasmine. My life revolves around those I love and cherish. I want to make people smile and spread contagious kindness wherever I go. Do I always live up to that… Not quite. After all I’m only human. I love life because I see it as art. Everything is beautiful. Everything is loved.

To be continued….

Perhaps when I can dig a little deeper. It wouldn’t be fair if I knew exactly who I was… Life would be boring. Nothing would every change.