Feeling good!

Maybe all it took was a little effort. Although I didn’t do anything “responsible” today… Well actually I did. Scratch that. I had a pretty good day. All in all the past few weeks have been a work in progress. I have forced myself to have a more positive outlook on life. I’ve taken the time to do things that made me happy this time last year. Being home sick is one thing but not trying to adapt is another. Especially when it is a permanent change.

I woke up quite late today, as I do every other day besides work days. It was very enjoyable however. I really enjoyed waking up turning the other way and falling back asleep. The things that make me happy are funny. After finally getting up because my bladder couldn’t hold for one more minute I toasted some bread, turned on my T.V and PS3 sat back and enjoyed. That lightly golden toasted bread with hot melted butter, a dash of sugar and cinnamon. YUM. Let’s not forget that tall glass of ever so sweet apple juice.

I quickly learned that my issue with Rogers was clearly not solved as I had no access to my apps that used data. So annoying. I spent 45 minutes on the line while nothing was resolved. I swear! I have spent more time speaking with representatives and managers this month then with anyone else in my contacts list.

When I’m aggravated I clean. I went on a super cleaning spree while on hold. I used so many cleaning products I had to open all my windows. Maybe I should have Ty call them when I need the house cleaned. Hopefully it works on him as it does for me.

Look at that! Jasmine turning a not so great situation into a positive one. Clean house means happy Jas.

I watched parts of an amazing documentary on Netflix named Happy! Im looking forward to finishing it with Tyler. Such an eye opener! Anyway, some how I ended up scrolling thru my pictures on Facebook only to criticize my current body. I’ve gained so much weight I find myself awkward near my parents now a days. My manager a few days ago asked me if I needed a new size in pants. Super friendly but I wish I could go back in time and erase that question.

I sat at my vanity and turned on my camera, time for a little therapy like the good ol’ days. I searched for inspiration on my computer but nothing seemed to work. I pulled out my favourite make up and started playing around. The evil clown became an awesome zombie. “The type of zombie you see in the walking dead” noted my dad who I face timed immediately after it was complete.

Take a look at the outcome!

IMG_3532 IMG_3534

HAHA! Tyler finds it so creepy! I see his face changing as I post these picture.

To top off my day I made pork chops and potatoes & waited patently for Ty to get home from doing his front breaks. After super I ran 1KM around my house and sweat like a dog haha.

Things are looking bright I am excited guys!

Hope you have a great night!



    1. AWW! Thanks ! That means the world to me! Surprisingly it’s very easy to do! It’s mistakes after mistakes lol! I filmed it and I’m plaining on posting it to my youtube channel once I finally connect both the blog and youtube. Hope you take a moment and watch! I think you’d like to see how simple and silly it is to recreate! I used nothing but what was in my make up bag! No special effects make up or halloween stuff! Here’s the insider: I used lip gloss for blood and paper towel and eyelash glue to make fake skin!


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