Grow up, Travel the world & have a family!

When I was a little girl I always dreamed of going to Disney World. However my family couldn’t afford such a trip. We were always the road trip kind-of-family. We would load our car with every possible “necessity” and fill up right next to the high ways entrance. Back then gas used to cost about $0.94/L. I remember sitting in the back seat just tall enough to lean my head on the window. To avoid all the bumps I would roll up my sweater and place it between my head and the window.

Those trips for the most part were some of my best memories!

We would soak up the sun, swim all day, roast marshmallows and eat unhealthy food! I must have been around 7 years old when my dad and I drove up to a chalet on the water! We went fishing, drove 4×4’s in the mud and played with the owners fat dog! On the way home we would alway buy all dressed rippled chips,curd cheese  and a huge bottle of sobe for what my memory serves. As usual I would roll up my sweater, lean my head against my window and just watch the trees fly by. Moments before my eyes would shut for good I recall always thinking to myself when I grow up I’m going to travel the entire world and have a beautiful family!

Flash forward a good 12 years and here you have it! I have my own family… Yes, It may not fall under your classification of family but it sure does for me. I’ve got my boyfriend Tyler by my side and my little pal Oscar! In a short 90 days I’ve went from one stamp in my passport to more than what I would have ever expected.

This summer took me to so many great places, Below I have listed the places that I had the opportunity to actually visit as oppose to flying in and out of!

Athens, Greece.


Barcelona, Spain.




Rome, Italy.


& San Diego, California.


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