Blogging Spree!

Since I can’t actually afford to go on a crazy shopping spree what better way to keep me home than writing a billion blogs! I’m kidding…

I’m proud of myself, I usually don’t keep up with blogging! I get scared that no one will read it at which point it feels completely useless. However, I’ve changed my perspective. I don’t really care anymore if people read it… At the end of the day if you enjoyed you’ll stick around and if not well what can I do?

As you may have read, last week was Tyler and I’s 5th year anniversary! I usually spoil him with gifts that have monetary value but this time around I wanted to do something for the both of us! Something creative that will last longer than a day’s excitement!

I decided I would create a card with 52 date night ideas so that each week we could cross one of and have a blast…

Nope not good enough! How could I spice it up?

Well, while I was at target going down every single isle I ran into a shelf of mason jars. I picked up the largest one. On my way to the cash I still wasn’t sure what to do with it but my plan evolved, I would buy popsicle sticks too!

With a simple two items all I needed was a sharpie. On the night of our anniversary I placed the jar on our kitchen table and explained to him the rules. This gift was our gift, we would each write on the sticks a date night idea! Before placing them into the jar we shared our ideas and chuckled at how non-creative/creative we were!

Turns out I’m a cheese ball! Dinner outside at sun set, Hot chocolate &  star-gazing… Tyler on the other hand included sky diving, snorkelling and seadooing!

Anyway, we had a blast laughing at each others date ideas and you should try it too! If your single I suggest making a jar of weekly adventures! Perhaps you can dedicate a few hours each week to treating yourself. Keep in mind what goes in the jar always come out! No skipping sticks or picking another. Once the task has been completed you can break the stick in half and throw away!

Let me know if any of you try it out!


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