That feeling in your chest that just burns. 

That feeling you get in your veins at the sound of nonsense. 

That feeling you get when you can’t control your eyes from giving the epic dirty look.

This weekend has been long. Between setting up Joshua’s 7th Birthday party & Tyler’s 20th (Oct. 13th) , Thanks giving dinner, our 5 year anniversary and all other house hold duties…I am pooped. I can’t believe my vacation is almost over! Just when my schedule starts to calm down I’m back at it again. This time I’ll be preparing meals, finding my uniforms that have been out of use for the past month and reviewing important information. I suppose my vacation is coming to an end a little too fast!

I didn’t realize how quickly I could make myself feel better by simply blogging my thoughts!

I must admit… I have nothing else to complain about nor do I feel like the above mentioned is relevant anymore.

Thank you for reading my little rant! All better now!

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