Month: October 2014

Dark Night, Fridge & Tears

Trio No. 3

Prompt: Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must mention a dark night, your fridge, and tears (of joy or sadness; your call). Feel free to switch one ingredient if you have to (or revisit one from previous trio prompts).

New York was in a state of emergency, the winds reached 120 MPH. The flooding had wiped out all electricity. The major roads leaving town were backed up with nothing but cars stuffed with memories. It was barely 6 PM but I could tell it would be a dark night. The clouds rolled in and over my little home in what seemed like a second. The moon was nowhere to be seen.

Countless hours passed. The sun would be rising shortly. I was anxious to warm  feet! My attic was as cold and moist as a fridge. I had enough canned goods to last me a few weeks but at the rate of the flood I wouldn’t need food for much longer. I  could see my house slowly tearing to pieces. It was a matter of time before I floated away with my neighbours.

My mission was to be reunited with my children. Amy was 6 years old and captain of the girls basket ball team. My husband and my eldest Jenny where on route to pick her up when my T.V started acting up. The channels flipped back and forth each declaring that hurricane Joe was minutes away. I called my husband confused as to whether I should say good-bye to my family or set a plan of action. No forecast could predict this wild beast. We had been expecting no more than 5 cm of rain.

How ?  was the perpetual question.

My husband told me to stay in the attic & he’d keep our girls safe. The last I heard they were on  the school roof. By now the water has probably exceed that level. I could only hope and pray some one would come for their rescue.

I held on tight as the winds ripped apart the ceiling above me. I could feel my heart racing and the blood rushing to my head. The cans flew out one by one then the floor beneath me just gave out. Gone like the wind. I was miles from home, shivering and thinking about how brutal this was for my babies! My fingers clenched to a random piece of my house kept me a float. Every inch of my body ached as debris flowed beneath my feet. I felt like I had survived Titanic on my little island. One thing was missing. My husband.

Titanic was our favourite movie. We cried together every time.

Where are you now, where are my children?!

Tears rolled down my face for the very first time since hurricane Joe hit our home.

Was I ever going to hold them close again? Would I ever be able to appreciate my eldest daughter dirty looks? Please! Let me say goodbye properly! 

The end!

Feeling good!

Maybe all it took was a little effort. Although I didn’t do anything “responsible” today… Well actually I did. Scratch that. I had a pretty good day. All in all the past few weeks have been a work in progress. I have forced myself to have a more positive outlook on life. I’ve taken the time to do things that made me happy this time last year. Being home sick is one thing but not trying to adapt is another. Especially when it is a permanent change.

I woke up quite late today, as I do every other day besides work days. It was very enjoyable however. I really enjoyed waking up turning the other way and falling back asleep. The things that make me happy are funny. After finally getting up because my bladder couldn’t hold for one more minute I toasted some bread, turned on my T.V and PS3 sat back and enjoyed. That lightly golden toasted bread with hot melted butter, a dash of sugar and cinnamon. YUM. Let’s not forget that tall glass of ever so sweet apple juice.

I quickly learned that my issue with Rogers was clearly not solved as I had no access to my apps that used data. So annoying. I spent 45 minutes on the line while nothing was resolved. I swear! I have spent more time speaking with representatives and managers this month then with anyone else in my contacts list.

When I’m aggravated I clean. I went on a super cleaning spree while on hold. I used so many cleaning products I had to open all my windows. Maybe I should have Ty call them when I need the house cleaned. Hopefully it works on him as it does for me.

Look at that! Jasmine turning a not so great situation into a positive one. Clean house means happy Jas.

I watched parts of an amazing documentary on Netflix named Happy! Im looking forward to finishing it with Tyler. Such an eye opener! Anyway, some how I ended up scrolling thru my pictures on Facebook only to criticize my current body. I’ve gained so much weight I find myself awkward near my parents now a days. My manager a few days ago asked me if I needed a new size in pants. Super friendly but I wish I could go back in time and erase that question.

I sat at my vanity and turned on my camera, time for a little therapy like the good ol’ days. I searched for inspiration on my computer but nothing seemed to work. I pulled out my favourite make up and started playing around. The evil clown became an awesome zombie. “The type of zombie you see in the walking dead” noted my dad who I face timed immediately after it was complete.

Take a look at the outcome!

IMG_3532 IMG_3534

HAHA! Tyler finds it so creepy! I see his face changing as I post these picture.

To top off my day I made pork chops and potatoes & waited patently for Ty to get home from doing his front breaks. After super I ran 1KM around my house and sweat like a dog haha.

Things are looking bright I am excited guys!

Hope you have a great night!


Blogging Spree!

Since I can’t actually afford to go on a crazy shopping spree what better way to keep me home than writing a billion blogs! I’m kidding…

I’m proud of myself, I usually don’t keep up with blogging! I get scared that no one will read it at which point it feels completely useless. However, I’ve changed my perspective. I don’t really care anymore if people read it… At the end of the day if you enjoyed you’ll stick around and if not well what can I do?

As you may have read, last week was Tyler and I’s 5th year anniversary! I usually spoil him with gifts that have monetary value but this time around I wanted to do something for the both of us! Something creative that will last longer than a day’s excitement!

I decided I would create a card with 52 date night ideas so that each week we could cross one of and have a blast…

Nope not good enough! How could I spice it up?

Well, while I was at target going down every single isle I ran into a shelf of mason jars. I picked up the largest one. On my way to the cash I still wasn’t sure what to do with it but my plan evolved, I would buy popsicle sticks too!

With a simple two items all I needed was a sharpie. On the night of our anniversary I placed the jar on our kitchen table and explained to him the rules. This gift was our gift, we would each write on the sticks a date night idea! Before placing them into the jar we shared our ideas and chuckled at how non-creative/creative we were!

Turns out I’m a cheese ball! Dinner outside at sun set, Hot chocolate &  star-gazing… Tyler on the other hand included sky diving, snorkelling and seadooing!

Anyway, we had a blast laughing at each others date ideas and you should try it too! If your single I suggest making a jar of weekly adventures! Perhaps you can dedicate a few hours each week to treating yourself. Keep in mind what goes in the jar always come out! No skipping sticks or picking another. Once the task has been completed you can break the stick in half and throw away!

Let me know if any of you try it out!


Grow up, Travel the world & have a family!

When I was a little girl I always dreamed of going to Disney World. However my family couldn’t afford such a trip. We were always the road trip kind-of-family. We would load our car with every possible “necessity” and fill up right next to the high ways entrance. Back then gas used to cost about $0.94/L. I remember sitting in the back seat just tall enough to lean my head on the window. To avoid all the bumps I would roll up my sweater and place it between my head and the window.

Those trips for the most part were some of my best memories!

We would soak up the sun, swim all day, roast marshmallows and eat unhealthy food! I must have been around 7 years old when my dad and I drove up to a chalet on the water! We went fishing, drove 4×4’s in the mud and played with the owners fat dog! On the way home we would alway buy all dressed rippled chips,curd cheese  and a huge bottle of sobe for what my memory serves. As usual I would roll up my sweater, lean my head against my window and just watch the trees fly by. Moments before my eyes would shut for good I recall always thinking to myself when I grow up I’m going to travel the entire world and have a beautiful family!

Flash forward a good 12 years and here you have it! I have my own family… Yes, It may not fall under your classification of family but it sure does for me. I’ve got my boyfriend Tyler by my side and my little pal Oscar! In a short 90 days I’ve went from one stamp in my passport to more than what I would have ever expected.

This summer took me to so many great places, Below I have listed the places that I had the opportunity to actually visit as oppose to flying in and out of!

Athens, Greece.


Barcelona, Spain.




Rome, Italy.


& San Diego, California.


I’m just lazy.

Some how, somewhere and for some reason I became lazy. Don’t get me wrong if you need something done efficiently and at it’s best…I’m your girl. I do my job above and beyond, Im always willing to learn new things and whatever task I’m given expect to have a few more completed. I’m a very caring person and sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me.

When it comes to my relationship I love to make him happy! I love putting a smile on his face and give him memories that will stay with him forever. I want to be that girl who stole his heart and taught him how to love, that girl who encouraged him to be his best regardless of it being to my liking. So I suppose I’m not all that lazy in that category.

So what is it that’s making me feel this way? Is it my new home? My new job? The lack of familiar faces? Maybe after all that training and change I don’t feel accomplished after all. Why is growing up so scary? It seems like yesterday I was anxiously busing my way to school for my first day in college. I can see it so clearly in my head. The morning fog that rolled up my busy street. The sound of cars honking and trucks screeching on their brakes. That jittery feeling I had while tapping my 3rd time renewed OPUS card.

The bus ride…that awful bus ride! 42 minutes exactly from home to my second bus. 26 minutes to my third bus if I caught them on time and 17 minutes to school! I used to wake up so early and go to sleep so late. Writers block would always get the best of me when ever midterms would come around but non the less I never felt lazy. I would hand in all my work in time and even work over the weekend. Not the typical job either… I used to work so many hours in one weekend you could basically consider me a full-time employee. Then I became a manager, weekdays after school I’d book and confirm reservations!

I actually loved my old job! Events have alway caught my eye. I would have loved to plan events and be some sort of project manager!

Hopefully with time I’ll become more accustom  to my new life. I am grateful for all the changes that have allowed me to grow so quickly. The only thing that’s missing is routine! Once everything falls in place I’m sure that I won’t feel so lazy.

Lazy is in italic because I’m not quite sure where to put my finger…. Am I being lazy or am I subconsciously not willing to completely adapt to my new life…

Question of the day:

Why is growing up so scary?

Some things never change.

The past few nights have been crazy…packed with plans and preparations.

After five years we still have it in us. That lust that consumes your body. That infinite drive that runs in every ounce of your blood. That joy that makes your heart beat so loud you can hear it when your quiet. Tonight we celebrated us. Five years in the making and still counting and dreaming. Building memories that last a life time. I’m beginning to understand what that sentence means. After all this time together I still remember everything that happened today… five beautiful years ago.

We were children…

I refuse to say teens because we had no idea what life had in store for us. We texted like crazy and gave our parents massive phone bills all in hope that one day we could look back and laugh at how eager we were to have lives together. We giggled while we flirted and barely ever disagreed. We vowed in our shared diary that we were a match made in heaven and stayed clear of those who doubted us.

Putting on my makeup today reminded me of our first date. My face is pretty clear now a days since my crazy layovers are over so I dusted on my ever so handy Rimmel “Transparent Matte” face powder. As I sat at my vanity that anxious feeling I had five years ago while we bused our way to the movies took over my body. I could feel your gaze as I ordered a medium popcorn for the very first time seeing I had an order for two at last. The very first time you sent chills down my spine as you hinted to hold my hand. That moment when I felt proud. 

Proud to know I could be yours.

Well Jasmine, here you have it. He is all yours and forever will be.

Just like my face powder and my tiny coach bag… You haven’t changed. You are the love of my life and I am so grateful to be your one and only. Tonight you held my hand and I could see just exactly how proud you are of me. You made my eyes twinkle and my heart beat so loud I didn’t have to be quiet to hear it.

I love you.



That feeling in your chest that just burns. 

That feeling you get in your veins at the sound of nonsense. 

That feeling you get when you can’t control your eyes from giving the epic dirty look.

This weekend has been long. Between setting up Joshua’s 7th Birthday party & Tyler’s 20th (Oct. 13th) , Thanks giving dinner, our 5 year anniversary and all other house hold duties…I am pooped. I can’t believe my vacation is almost over! Just when my schedule starts to calm down I’m back at it again. This time I’ll be preparing meals, finding my uniforms that have been out of use for the past month and reviewing important information. I suppose my vacation is coming to an end a little too fast!

I didn’t realize how quickly I could make myself feel better by simply blogging my thoughts!

I must admit… I have nothing else to complain about nor do I feel like the above mentioned is relevant anymore.

Thank you for reading my little rant! All better now!

Giving up… Not so easy!

Prompt:Today is a free writing day. Write at least four-hundred words, and once you start typing, don’t stop. No self-editing, no trash-talking, and no second guessing: just go. Bonus points if you tackle an idea you’ve been playing with but think is too silly to post about.

Free writing day… What does that actually mean? Regardless of the prompt I still feel judged and observed every time I consider posting a blog. It’s a little overwhelming given that every single person is entitled to reading it and leaving behind all sorts of comments… Wasn’t the objective of todays prompt free writing.

I must say however, I like the whole concept. I woke up this morning with a sweet craving to open my computer and just type! One issue, I had absolutely no clue what to talk about. Let’s face it, we all just want to keep people interested. We don’t want to be boring and for the most part we don’t want to be criticized. That’s what makes it so simple to push your blog post till tomorrow and next week. Eventually becomes never which I can completely attest to.

Today I wanted to talk about so many things, one of which was how I became a flight attendant! Yes, Im a flight attendant.

I was in college working at a reception hall doing great all across the board. Sure things could have been a little more simple but life runs you into many obstacles. For years I’d dedicated week days to school, weekends to work and every other minute to Tyler. I was so comfortable in my shoes change scared the crap out of me. After a really long boring lecture and countless hours of research my brain couldn’t take one more google search. I dragged my mouse to the top left “X” on my google tab and that was that. I was calling it a night. Procrastinating was my forte, (still is actually) Facebook was calling my name for a little down time!

Now, I can be really cheesy and say “That’s when everything changed…”  or “I wouldn’t see my old life again” but lets just stick to “I had no clue what to expect”. I saw an add on the right side of the page, clicked it, sent in my resume UNEDITED and moved on with my daily rituals.

WOW. Three Hundred and ninety five words! Well, here’s the buzz kill.

If you’d like to continue reading about how I became a flight attendant leave a comment bellow or follow my blog!


What They Don’t Teach You In High School

Perhaps you’ve watched one of TLC’s wide variety of shows that make saving money look so simple….Mind you, whether you have or have not doesn’t really makes a difference since, lets face it, we’d all love to spend a little less here and a little more there.

First, my little disclaimer: Everything on this post is based on my personal experience. If something doesn’t work for you as it may have for me I’m not responsible.


Back to the good stuff! A few weeks ago I was driving home from Montreal when my boyfriend encouraged me to download an app that allowed you to find the cheapest gas near your location. Back home gas was soaring at $1.48 and our trip had already costed us so much it was a relief to find it at $1.11. In fact, such a breath of fresh air we couldn’t stop telling everyone we knew.

App: Gas Buddies 

How it works: By creating an account and confirming the gas prices in your neighbourhood you earn points that can be entered into a draw to win free gas. You can chose your gas by type, distance and price ! Sort of like a drop down menu on a website!

This works fantastically because you can count on hundreds of people updating the gas price where ever your travels may take you. Sure, you might have to drive an extra two minutes off the highway but who cares if your saving the cost of your road trips meal… Right?

Fast forward a week or so when I joined a group on Facebook that taught me a whole lot more about saving money. While your still at the app store downloading Gas Buddies be sure to download one of my next favourite apps Checkout 51.

Checkout 51 is pretty awesome too! They actually send you a check simply for taking a picture of things you purchased that fall on their list that given week! Cool… No? Now, simple tips I’ve learned with this app.

1. Always check the list before going to go do your groceries… Maybe you can earn some cash back for buying a product you might be running out of.

2. Grocery bills over 60$, Scroll down to the bottom off the list and there you have it ladies and gents a simple and harmless way to potentially earning a few hundred dollars on a check…. Take a picture of your receipt using the app and submit. You can do this once a week.

3. Look over your receipts before the end of the week maybe you missed an item that was on the list and can earn an extra few bucks. It never hurts to look over your receipts anyway… Might as well make the best of it.

Which brings me to my next moment of joy! I seriously can’t explain why this excited me so much but let me try to describe it. All those years of buying groceries while prices increased and salaries remained the same… All those receipts that should have costed half of the price it rang out to be… Seriously, with a few extra minutes spent here and there I could have bought that designer pair of shoes I wanted with out feeling guilty.

Now now, don’t judge me, we all know you indulged too…

Price matching! See, in Montreal you can’t do many things. Contest usually exclude Quebec and well, pretty much everything else too. Apparently, I was wrong and should have jumped on the band wagon a little sooner. Wal-Mart has a price matching policy that allows you to price match items all across Canada. My first price matching experience I must admit I was little nervous but here’s what I got from it.

1.Organize your pictures because YES, you can screen shot your online flyers by using apps such as Reebee, myFlyer & Flyerify. Organize them in order of how you’ll place your items out at the cash. You want your cashier to have an easy time while keeping the line behind you moving. If your living in Ontario I suggest you try your first time around 9 PM since the store is open till 11PM and the line ups will be short. No chance to aggravate the customers behind you. (My biggest fear…) Having the apps really do help because if the screen shot isn’t clearly indicating the date of flyer and items name & size you can simply refresh the page and Voila… Moving on.

2. This ones a low blow… Go for a young cashier. Chances are they’re not going to be such sticklers. My first time Pm’ing I had a really awesome girl my age just ask me the price I had on my device. No need to show her or anything! Age however, has proven to be a factor!

3. Double up on your savings the more comfortable you get. Try making a grocery list with your PMed items and google if any coupons are available. Before printing read carefully as it may not be valid for items on “special”.

As most of you may know, Im quite young myself and I am currently living on my own for the very first time! Apps like these have allowed me to continue doing the things I would have done living at home with no expenses. All it takes is a few minutes every now and then. Don’t forget DATA haha.

I must say, I was proud of myself after my first PM when I saved $180.00 on food that would last me the whole month! I dragged Tyler (My boyfriend) out of the house after a long days work, gathered my picture in a little file on my phone labelled LOL and told him I was going to cut our bill in half! Sure enough I cut in THIRDS! He was so impressed with how little it actually took to save on daily expenses that anytime we go out for groceries he asks whether or not that store price matches!

PS: It has also made it a lot easier to get him to join because he is no longer bored. He wants to see how much we would have been scammed for. I give him a pen and paper and he writes down all the original prices. Unfortunately, when you price match it doesn’t tell you how much you saved on your bill. If your eager to know like us you’ll bring a pen and paper with you or take a snap of the original price with your phone!

If you’d like to see if your local store price matches just check out their website! The policies are always posted. That also applies if a cashier is giving you a hard time. Know your stores policy and you’ll be absolutely fine! Also, for everyones sake don’t be greedy! A stockpile as seen on TLC is not necessary! My goal is not to hoard 20 bottles of soap in my closet! Im just a young lady trying to utilize all those little things we are oblivious to.

One more thing, since online shopping has become so popular this one you may already be on top of but I will throw it out there anyways… Google PROMO CODES or COUPON CODES for the specific website. Chance are you can get up to 50% off or even free shipping!

Have a great shop,

Talk to you folks later !